A Flash From The Past... Deja view?!


So when I was in Winnipeg, I got to hang out with my friend, Aryn who was my best friend from kindergarten until sixth grade. It was awesome hanging out with her, but what was really neat and such a weird coincidence was that she has a daughter a month older than mine! So we had a little play date! Soooo cute! We had such a good time, we went to the park at the school that we went to together and it was so weird. I mean it was way fun, but the last time I was there with her, we were just kids, and now this time we have our own kids! Our little girls were just so much fun together! They were just like us, instant BFF! haha. It made me miss my friends from childhood and it even ALMOST made me want to move back to what I once called home. It was a great time and I'm excited for when we can do it again. It makes you reflect on life, and realize that the world keeps on going, time repeating itself over and over... just with different people and different hairstyles, but the gyst of it.... the expereinces had and the lessons learned are always the same. So do we really ever experience anything "new" or is it all just a blast from the past or someone else's Deja View?



It Only Took 23 Years & 2 Kids!

So last week, I went to Winnipeg with the kids and one of my best friends, Sarah. If any of you know me, I was really quite worried about the whole thing... being without Nick in a not very childproof house, and not to mention that my mom and I often butt heads when in close quarters for too long, but it was amazing! I can't believe how great the trip was, I actually found myself thinking "If I had to stay longer... that's be OK!" Now that's a HUGE deal! It's not that I don't like my mom or anything, it's just kinda weird, it's like when I'm back in that environment i get really defensive & regress back to childhood. It's like I know she's going to try to mother me, so I have to be obnoxious and a brat to let her know that "I'm a big girl now" and can do it myself! And of course when I do that, she sees the twelve year old snotty kid that used to say that and of course the mothering gets laid on even thicker! But this time... this time the heavens opened and my prayers were answered! It truly was an anomaly... Nothing short of an act of God! This time, my mom looked at me still as her little girl, but as a grown up version whom she finally realized was completely capable of raising her own family, making her own decisions and was a full fledged adult! It was an actual friendship! We went shopping together and asked each other's opinions on things and it was just soo refreshing! I am really looking forward to the next time I get to go to Winnipeg -with or without Nick! And you know what else? Since I've been home I've called my mom about a million times to tell her about my latest finds and bargains and just to chat. It's been absolutely awesome and it only took 23 years and 2 kids!

There's Pee on My Kitchen Table!

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to potty train Livi.. AGAIN! So, for the umpteenth time we set out! I decided to just stick her in panties and take that route... well, let me tell you, this kid could care less if she's drenched in her own urine! She would spread her legs, look down and watch herself pee on the ground! Now, I know that she knows the feeling when she has to go potty, because every time she asks to go, she does it immediately. She's just a little stinker! So anywho... we were eating dinner, Nick was away, and I went to the bathroom and when I came back, she was squatting on the kitchen table doing her business! Yes, yes, this sounds quite entertaining to you I bet... but that's not the full extent of where my little "angel" has marked her territory! We were in the basement and I was doing who knows what... probably on the computer and she started to go, so I told her to stop and we ran to the potty & she finished. Then about 40 minutes later, she was on the couch and decided that this time, she would put her feet on the coffee table, her hands on the couch and balance between the two and go on the ground in between them! So... once again, I yell stop, run her to the potty and she finishes. (Yes, I have been cleaning up the little puddles in between accidents and giving the "talk" about how we need to go on the potty each time.) Now.. let me tell you, I have been sooo good during all of this! I warned myself before we started this that it would take her a little while, and that she's not being bad, it's just a part of her learning and all that. SO I am being kind, compassionate and surprisingly patient. So then an hourish later, she goes on the ground again, and we go through the routine and then within an hour she'd repeated the squat and look 4 or 5 times, each time finishing on the potty and going quite a lot. So then I put two and two together and remember that she's been acting funny when she pees lately, like crossing her legs, and she's even said she has an owie, and that's just too often for her to go, so I take her in to the doctor to get checked for a UTI... it came back clear, but the doc gave me a small dose of antibiotics for her anyway because what I was describing sounded like a UTI. I'm still not sure if it was, but unfortunately, she's still not potty trained. Of course, we had to have a few more incidents before we gave up for the time... like when she peed in the little cup in Nixon's exersaucer!... Yes.. she took off her diaper, carefully positioned herself over the little cup and let er rip! And then shortly after that she made her way back to the kitchen.. and yes.. for the second time, There's Pee on My Kitchen Table!


Off to a fantastic start!

So I wrote that last entry and then "creeped" on fceb00k for an hour! Looking at wedding pics and baby pics and wholy... I swear EVERYONE is preggo! Crazy! So I won't be doing a ton ...or any updating tonight as everyone in my house is asleep and my eyes are starting to hurt, so goodnight, see you in the morning and it looks like we're off to a fantastic start!.... lol. i know... not one of my better posts, but my shoulder's gonna fall off 'cause I'm lying in bed with Nixon asleep on my arm, and I'm attempting to somewhat sit up and type... very uncomfortable, but what can I say... my public awaits and I'll painfully type for you guys!... That's how much I love you!

Let's Lock & Load!

Ok, so I know I've been pretty bad... OK absolutely horrible at keeping my blog updated, so for the next few hours and whenever I have spare time (with 2 kids under 2 that's all the time!.. .HA!) I WILL BE BLOGGING! That's right folks, you heard it here first; I, Keshia pledge to update my blog, including, but not limited to adding pictures of the kidlings (that one's for you Ashley!), witty entries (well.. I'll try) and well, pretty much whatever else pops into this complex and crazy mind of mine. So here we go... entries in absolutely no particular (or logical) order.... let's lock and load!


I'm so busy I'm eating Pizza Pops!

Hello all my faithful blogging audience members! I know I know.. an apology is in order! I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging much.. or at all! But I haven't fallen off the planet... my kids haven't driven me to a loony bin.. close, but we dodged that bullet! lol. no.. I have been INSANELY busy! I've been doing design work and I've been doing some independent learning (website and e-commerce stuff) and we've had a plethora (haven't used that word in a while... can you tell that I'm reading books again and not just talking to a 2 year old?) of activities, meetings and appointments! Not to mention I'm a full time mommy to 2 teething children! Yes.... I am sooo busy that right now for lunch, I'm eating pizza pops! ewwwww! (sorry if you like them.. but I'm one of those make-it-myself kinda ppl and so they're kinda sickly to me.. I didn't even buy them... nick did!) Anywho... I just wanted you all to know that YES I AM STILL BLOGGING... just not lately... and probably not again for a week or so... but I love you all and all of your comments so I PROMISE I will blog as soon as I get a handle on my life again! But until then... it's Pizza Pops for me!


Mommy's Angel

That's what I call her, "Mommy's Angel"; and now, when I ask her if she's my angel she says, "Yes, I mommy's agel!" it's cute. She really is.. and I feel so bad 'cause I get soo frustrated with her all the time. It seems like all I do is yell at her and she's really sooo sweet. I mean, don't get me wrong, she does break things and blatantly disobeys, she hits, or steps on her brother, she hits, on the rare occasion she bites, (yes, I am aware that I put she hits twice), she hits, she throws stuff.. yup... it's all there, all the qualities of an angel -each & every one! (did I mention she hits?) But all in all she really truly is my little angel.... even if she prefers everyone in the house over me! (She really does!) Lol... so now, when I go to get her from her room, whether it be from a nap or in the morning, the first thing she says without a second glance at me is "where's daddy?" and as I answer every time "he's at work" she just as bluntly asks "where's Nixon"! Yes, to be the novelty.. how nice! Daddy's not around as much as mommy, so naturally, he's the favourite... but I'm the one cooking and cleaning and playing ALLLLL DAY LONG! Oh well, just call me the invisible mom! (you like that play on words? yeah... I'm clever!) I know, I know.. every little girl just adores her father. but now it's not just where's daddy & Nixon... she goes through the family.... "where's stephnee, where's bridgey, where's snow white, kyanne's snow white, wheres.. " and the list goes on. Yesterday, I threatened to send her to her room (which works marvelously might I add) and she started crying and said "I want Bailey-Lincoln" (who are 2 of her friends) an then today she told me "I need Kelly-Weston" (who are 2 of my friends). (oh, and I hyphenate the 2 names because that's the way she says it, so fast that it almost sounds like one name). So it's true, she wants anyone.... ANY-ONE but mom! Oh well.. at least she SAYS she's mommy's angel... and I do have my little man who loves me MORE than his daddy and that's a real confidence booster.... maybe he'll be next in line for the title of "mommy's angel".


Mommy Wow!... I'm a big kid now!

So Livi is almost potty trained! As of this week it's like a switch turned on in her head and she recognizes more when she needs to go and stops and tells me and we go to the potty! We've been very casually potty training for a few months... it was more like getting her comfortable with the potty and knowing that that's what we're supposed to use. I've been too lazy to actually full on potty train, although I've made many commitments to start (it just never actually happens! lol.)
Sad though, this means that my baby girl is no longer a baby, she's growing up... and fast too! Just like she told me yesterday..."Mommy, I a big gurl!" *sigh... well at least I still have one little mess maker that needs me to change his cute lil' bottom! -Not that I love changing poopy butts, I mean, I don't really mind all that much, but Liv's becoming so independent! Lately, I've been hearing a lot of "mommy, I did iiiit!" (referring to puzzles, getting up somewhere, the potty... everything!) It's nice to know that I'm needed...I know, I know.. .she's not even 2 yet but still...my lil' baby's a "Big Gurl"now... Wow!


On Belay!

WOOOOO! That's all I can say! WOO-HOO!!! Last night was my first class rock climbing @ the Y! It was AWESOME! I haven't loved something brand new like this right off the back since I started Rugby! It was sooo much fun and such a thrill! I made it all the way to the top in my FIRST DAY! I got 3 climbs in yesterday... the first was a little scary 'cause the whole height factor didn't click in until I was pretty high up and then I wasn't sure if I trusted my partner/the rope but it was awesome! My next climb I got kinda tired and came down, 1/2 way up one of the harder walls but my third climb I scaled that baby! It's soo much fun and so exhilarating! And what's even more awesome is that Nick loves climbing too, so I think for a date we're gonna go and climb together during one of the drop0-in times @ the Y. It was soo nice to get out and do something solely for ME! I love my kids but momma needs a little me time! It was also nice to do some exercise.. I mean I do exercise now on a regular basis (I have a hip-hop workout and a belly dance workout DvD that are surprisingly fun! & tough!) but this is a different kind of exercise. And man is it tough! Your arms get such a workout! I've never felt some of those muscles before! I also met some really nice people there too! My class is called "Women with Altitude" how cute is that? So it's a women's class and it's a riot! My partner was this really nice lady from Manchester, UK! It was cool listening to her accent as we climbed. I can't wait until next week 'cause I've got a fever and the only prescription is more climbing! (and the occasional cowbell lol!) I bet you can see my enthusiasm in my extensive use of exclamation marks!!!! haha lol. Well, this woman's got a taste of altitude and I'm addicted... On Belay!!!


Ducks in a row

Every day when Liv has her bath she lines her rubber duckies up in a row. It definitely makes sense when you look at her personality. She's quite particular about what she wants, but she is a girl who knows just what she wants.. and when too! I think its great that she has such a strong personality and I know she'll do great things in life 'cause at 20 months she's already got her ducks in a row!

Brotherly er... Sisterly? ....Love!

So when we found out we were having another baby (Nixon you nut job! Geeze! He's not even 3 months old yet!) we wondered how Olivia would react to him but ya know what? I couldn't have asked for a better relationship between them! I know I know they're both still babies so who knows what the future will bring but let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing sweeter than seeing the two of them together!

Olivia is I think the best big sister I have ever seen! She really just loves him! When she wakes up she asks for him, when he cries, she's the first to run to his aid. She's always willing to get him diapers or throw away the dirty ones, or give him his soother and push him in his swing. Or steal his blanket or accidentally hit him, or read him a story or sing him a song! She is just an all around loving big sister! The other day, I had Nixon doing tummy time and he started to cry and Livi went over to him, sat next to him patted his back and started sushing him! It was sooo sweet! I video taped it so later on in life I can look back & have proof that at one time my kids did like each other!

It makes me so happy that they are so close... it's the reason that we chose to have them so close in age, because it was 5 years between me & my closest brother. But I tell you, every day it's so sweet to see them interact more & more... Nixon smiled at Liv for the first time last week and then cooed at her! She responded with an "awwwwww! he likes you!!!!" (she doesn't quite get the you/me thing when talking about yourself yet). I love seeing their brotherly... er... sisterly... well... their love!

Giggles Under the Door

Olivia's been in a big girl bed since January and every time she wakes up from her nap (or wakes up period) she goes to the door. If it's first thing in the morning she lays in front of the door and kicks it until we go and get her, but when she wakes up from a nap she is soo cute! She's usually in a great mood when she gets up from her nap and lies down in front of the door peeking under it and in the cutest voice says "Mommy... where are you?... Daddy.... where are you?" She's sooo cute! It always melts my heart so when I hear that she's awake I run upstairs and lie on the other side of the door and look under it at her. She's my lil' angel and she's just such a sweetheart. It's moments like that that I just crave! Oh how I love that lil' munchkin! & how I look forward to when she wakes up from her next nap (in about an hour) and we get to exchange a few more giggles under the door!


The Calm After the Storm

So we just got back from watching "Enchanted" at the cheap seats and by we I mean, me, Olivia, Nixon & my in-laws... it was fun, luckily there weren't too many people in the theatre (about 5 others) 'cause Livi got bored about 1/2 way through and started to wander and climb and spin. I don't think Nixon was too impressed that we took him to a chick-flick 'cause he decided to fuss for most of the show but nonetheless it was nice to get out. When we get back to my in-laws (where I've been staying for the weekend since my husband's never coming home) Nick calls and says that they're going to be delayed even more, Nixon starts crying & won't be consoled, Olivia is whiny and yelling, I am trying to feed her because it's her bedtime and she hasn't eaten much today, my father-in-law is trying to help however he can, my mother-in-law is trying to go to sleep 'cause she's working midnights and I'm also trying to quiet everyone so she can sleep! Nothing less than a gong show!

Finally, I give up on shoveling food into my toddler's mouth and get her some milk, some jammies and put her to bed, then I grab the baby and start nursing him hoping even more food will work, which it does, for now, and now as I sit to blog with my nursing baby, my own plate of now ice cold food a massive headache and the sadness of being alone even longer I wonder.. how did they do it? This was common 60 years ago (and unfortunately becoming so again) when women would send their precious husbands away to war for an unknown amount of time and hold down the fort! All I can say is hats off to all you Rosie the Riveters out there! I don't know how much longer I can do it but I do know that I need to enjoy the rare moments when there's a calm... especially after the storm! ...and hopefully it will all be over soon...


Flying Solo

So my dear hubband has been away for over a week now and what was supposed to be a one week work trip has now turned into 2. Let me tell you... it's quite fun being home all alone with my crazy toddler entering the terrible twos and my newborn. (In case you are completely clueless that was dripping with sarcasm!) It really (surprisingly) hasn't been all that bad. I do have my extremely stressful moments like when I have to take the baby to get his shots and have to bring Olivia too and she takes off her clothes and runs around like a mad woman in the nurse's office. Or when I'm talking to my sis-in-law on the phone and Nixon starts screaming and then livi starts screaming and empties an entire bowl of rice & chicken on the ground. Or many other occasions just as remarkable. This does make me appreciate my husband more... and when I'm not overly stressed my kids as well. I've been keeping awfully busy though (which explains the lack of blogging), I've been doing some work with my lil' business (Keshia Larsen Designs) and working like crazy on my house just finishing all those little projects that are 90% finished and I never got around to. I've also started a mommy's group and I actually now have kind of a social life! Look at me go! Anywho.. That's what's new with us maybe I'll post more exciting blogs when I have a little more energy and the toddler hasn't kept me up all night! But for now, I'm exhausted, over worked and under paid and flying solo!

The Corner Prayer

So as the parents of a 19 month old going on 16 we have been plagued with how to enforce a bit of discipline. It's been interesting, and since I'm against spanking (unless nothing else works) we've been tying all sorts of alternatives. My favourite has been the time outs... not because of its effectiveness (the corner doesn't work with this one) but because of the cute factor of her reaction to her 1st time out. So she was screaming & hitting so we put her in the corner for a time out and made her fold her arms. I had her repeat "I will not hit" and "we don't scream" and "I will obey" yaddi yaddi.. so after she was done repeating me, she promptly says "amen" and returns to her toys. It was quite entertaining, but I guess there's a bright side... at least she's learning to say prayers!


The Duke is Born!

So I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post pictures or just to blog about little Nixon's arrival. However, if you really are my friend, you would have looked at my facebook and seen it all on there! I know I know, I posted on facebook from the hospital and not on here. I think it's cause I care more about what I put on here. This is like a journal to me, I feel my kids will have a pretty good insight into me from my blog, my scrapbooks and my poetry... no stone will be unturned. Anywho here's the buzz (I know, I know.. how lazy -copy & paste from facebook but I did add a little more explanation!)

Well, he's finally here! and what a week! On Tuesday I went in for a doctor's appointment and all was well. She striped my membranes to hopefully help me progress a little bit which really did a whole lot of nothing except make me even more uncomfortable than I already was. On Wednesday (the 9th) I went in for an ultrasound and he was small for dates, (no surprise there, so was Livi.) so the doctor told me to "hang tight" while she called my doc and then when she came back, she informed me that we were going to be having a baby! So the hospital called us and let us know that we could come in for an induction on Thursday night @ 8. (all explained in a little more detain in my post titled "d-day") So, we went in and they tried various ways to induce me but i only made it to 4cm. This time though I had Demerol (wonderful drug) and then an epiderral (God's gift to pregnant women) so I really didn't feel much pain. But unfortunately, even after many promising & encouraging contractions that Nixon did great through, we needed another c-section because we just weren't progressing. But he came on Friday night @ 11:23 p.m. and we're both doing great. Our baby boy is here weighing in at 5lbs 10oz and 18.5" long! When we got home, Liv was more excited to see me than to be bothered with a new baby. She missed me very much which is nice since she usually doesn't miss me much... just her dad! Anywho, the first day was kinda rough for that little tyke. She didn't understand why I couldn't pick her up and had a bit of trouble adjusting but the next day it was like Nixon had always been here. She just adores him and gives him lots of hugs and kisses and is very helpful getting and throwing away diapers and just doing whatever I ask. (my amazing little 18 month old!) So we are now a family of 4. I still am not quite sure how I feel having 2 kids as I haven't been alone since the hospital. When all the dust settles in 2 1/2 weeks and I'm all alone and ready to start my routine as a mom of 2 I will let you know how it all goes! It's been fun having people around, but I'm about done with visitors. I really just want to do my own thing and work on a schedule with 2 kids, but I really do need the help. It's really hard to move fast enough to keep up with Livi, and not being able to pick her up sucks too. Oh, so did I mention the whole Irony of the trip home from the hospital? Nick and I have never been in a car accident and of course the day we come home from the hospital with a brand new baby and me with major abdominal surgery it happens! I still can't believe it, we were about a block or 2 away from home at a stop light when someone rear ends us! What a day! We are all relatively ok, no major damage, just a dented trunk on our van and a sore back & neck for Nick & I. We are just happy that I didn't tear anything! So that's the story of little Nixon's arrival and the events shortly following. Our little man is here and safe -The Duke is Born!

Last Minute Preggo Pics

So Meg took these pictures while we were bored outta our minds watching the clock before I went in to get induced. We were just playing around but I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

Family, Food & Fun!

So Christmas was a good time this year! We were gone a little too long for our liking (a toddler away from home is a little hard for over a week!) but we still had a good old time! It was fun just hanging out with everyone! We had a lot of food and a lot of fun! Did I mention a lot of food? We really do like to spoil each-other though. I feel so blessed to have such an affluent family and one that is just so giving, not just to each-other but to others and to charities and those in need! They are just such a great example to me! I love them very dearly! I mean, when I say affluent, we do all feel that we've been greatly blessed but we are definitely not rich by any means, but we feel like it. They are so willing to share what little they have just to make someone else happy or to see their face light up and bring them a smile! I never forget the true meaning of Christmas when I'm around my in-laws. After, and often before all the wrapping paper has settled it is so humbling. We express our gratitude and feelings of the Savior, and share stories of thanks and gratitude and are so uplifted and reminded of how we can always do something. Christmas really is a time of family, food and fun, but most of all, a time of Faith!

Me too! Me too!

So, these blogs are out of date and out of order but I am trying to catch up! (And torture you while you wait for blogging & pictures of Nixon!) So here are the pictures that I promised of our little niece Fin! She's doing great and is an adorable little munchkin. When she was born and we went over to the house to welcome her home Olivia was hilarious! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or start worrying because she was just sooo intense! All of the other kids were excited too but Olivia was borderline hysterical! She started pushing everyone out of her way yelling "baby! baby! baby!" she had to be next to Fin and pretty much HAD to be holding her too! Man oh man, "I'm in for it" is all i could think, but the next time we saw them, Livi had calmed down remarkably and was pretty much normal! She loves babies but I couldn't help thinking if little Nixon was a good idea this soon... but it doesn't look like we have a choice now do we?!