I'm so busy I'm eating Pizza Pops!

Hello all my faithful blogging audience members! I know I know.. an apology is in order! I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging much.. or at all! But I haven't fallen off the planet... my kids haven't driven me to a loony bin.. close, but we dodged that bullet! lol. no.. I have been INSANELY busy! I've been doing design work and I've been doing some independent learning (website and e-commerce stuff) and we've had a plethora (haven't used that word in a while... can you tell that I'm reading books again and not just talking to a 2 year old?) of activities, meetings and appointments! Not to mention I'm a full time mommy to 2 teething children! Yes.... I am sooo busy that right now for lunch, I'm eating pizza pops! ewwwww! (sorry if you like them.. but I'm one of those make-it-myself kinda ppl and so they're kinda sickly to me.. I didn't even buy them... nick did!) Anywho... I just wanted you all to know that YES I AM STILL BLOGGING... just not lately... and probably not again for a week or so... but I love you all and all of your comments so I PROMISE I will blog as soon as I get a handle on my life again! But until then... it's Pizza Pops for me!