Flying Through Eternity!

So my sister-in-law challenged me to a 21day fly-off yesterday! Well.. if we both do FlyLady and keep up with our routines for 21 days (the amount of time required to establish a habit) then we get to go out for dinner with our husbands. So that is my goal. 21 days.. I can do it! 1 down.. 20 more to go! So.. that's the plan, but what I really wanted to write about was how doing these routines and having my home clean and orderly really lifts my spirits. I mean.. a lot! I was listening to conference a few weekends ago and really felt the need to be a better mom. Not that I don't think I'm a good mom as I am, I think I'm a great mom, I'm nurturing, loving and I feel pretty patient. I keep a clean home and try my hardest to make sure my daughter knows how much I love her and try to take time out of each day just for her.. where we do whatever that 14month old wants to. But I have really realized the blessings and importance of a temple marriage and the promises of an eternal family. I am so grateful for my family and want them to know that- through my words AND my actions. Keeping a clean orderly home really effects me mentally. I am one of the lucky few who has a husband who really doesn't care if the house is a mess when he comes home, or if it's total CHAOS as long as we're happy. He truly is a great guy, and I think that's why I stress, because I like a clean home and feel like he deserves one. But doing the simple daily routines and tasks presented by FlyLady has really helped to keep peace in our home and in me personally. Now to tackle the clutter within. All the things I want to do for myself that I haven't done lately. I mean to Fly does mean to Finally Love Yourself. And By doing small things to keep the house clean you leave much more room to FLY. So that is why I'm preparing myself so that I can FLY through Eternity!