A Thankful Thursday

Well, thanksgiving was on Monday and all weekend/week I've been filled with gratitude. You all saw my last post on one particular friend who's just been amazing to me, and I am very blessed to have many others whom are just amazing and have helped me in so many ways. I'm also especially grateful for my wonderful husband. Saturday marked 6 incredible years of marriage for us. Sometimes I can't believe it's been that long, others I think "that's it?!". But yes, Canadian thanksgiving always marks another anniversary for us and I get my two favorite things (time with my hubby and turkey dinner!). (We also had turkey dinner at our wedding... and let me tell ya, those Hutterites know how it's done!)

Lately, I've just been looking at how blessed we are and how it's not fair that others seem to struggle so much, I mean we definitely have our trials and in just about every aspect of our lives... health, finances.. you name it it's been an up and down kinda journey, but when I look at where we are now, so young with so much, I just know the Lord is wanting us to share. I mean how can we not? Everything in this life is given to us from our Heavenly Father and we have a choice with what we do with it, but how can we not express such gratitude and humility by not giving back?

"Where much is given, much is required"

Ok, I'm totally being random with this post, I started out with the complete intention of just expressing my gratitude in this time of thanksgiving period. A little mush (sincere mush but mush nonetheless) about my family, friends, my husband, and all we are blessed with. Instead I find myself quoting scripture and feeling this intense desire to do more.

I know many of you may be thinking "well don't you own a charity?" Well... yes, BUT I've been really lazy lately. I've been tired (exhausted) and just not feeling quite like myself for the past little while, but is that really an excuse? There is so much to be done in the world, so very much to be done... how can I afford to be lazy? I mean, I've hardly done much work, hardly done much with the charity (the occasional tweet here and there and/or blog post.) I've hardly done much spiritual-wise. So how can I really be thankful? I know all well that all we have is from the Lord, but do I thank Him near enough? I thank Him for my "blessings" but that's like a catch-all. And why do we wait until Thanksgiving when the calendar tells us to give thanks before we do? Once I heard a talk where someone talked about a gratitude journal, where everyday they'd write what they were grateful for and they'd do all they could not to repeat themselves, thus causing them to become very specific in their thanks and causing them to see so many more blessings in their lives. Maybe I'll start that, end each post with an expression of gratitude... of course it would probably be more useful if I wrote more... (this is the third time in a week though!)

Also, I think I'm going to try each day to do one thing to make the world better. Whether it be bringing a special treat to a friend (that was today's) or actively furthering the progress of Child Rescue. I mean, what if God had said "I'm too tired today to answer your prayers... I'll get around to it someday"... I know I'm not as our Heavenly Father and that I am Human and we all have our shortcomings and that there is a time and a season for all things, but maybe if I push just a little harder, maybe if we all push just a little harder the world, or at least our tiny portion of it may be just that much better.


Just a Widdle Guy

No matter what you ask Nixon he is (Are you a baby? Are you a Monkey? etc.) his answer is always the same:

"No, I just a widdle guy!"

Sad to say, but my "widdle guy" is looking not so little these days. I'm grateful he's only 2 (and a half) and I get to spend a long time with him at home still, but still... he's 2 1/2! He's getting so big and doing so many things and although I know I can't make him stay "widdle" forever... I"m making sure I enjoy all the tantrums, no reason hugs and kisses and just all the "widdleness" I can because it sure feels like only yesterday he was like this:

And now he's like this:

Man I love that little man. He'll forever be my baby and will forever be "the boy" and "my little man" and no matter how big and grown up he gets, he will always be "my widdle guy!"

(Yes that picture is from our recent pictures taken by Blue Lily and yes I will post about em... when I get around to it!)


A lil' tribute to my BFFF

This post is dedicated to miss Bree (yes I'm pretty sure I've done this before lol)

But I just had to let everyone know that I have the bestest BFFF! (yes there's an extra f and yes it's an inside joke).

Nothing exceptionally special has caused me to write this post, just thinking about thanksgiving I guess and all that I am grateful for. Bree's one of those friends that will just last forever. She's kind, thoughtful, and just all around amazing. Many of you know that after Nixon was born I suffered from post partum depression. (and I'm not ashamed of it, it's normal, it happens, I got help and worked through it.) Anywho, I was sad, depressed but mostly ridiculously hormonal and crazy... and then I met Bree. Bree literally brought buckets of sunshine and happiness to my life. She talked to me every day, brought me cookies, treats, food, treasures, made me leave the house... and what I'm most grateful for... her friendship. Once I kinda got back into the swing of things and was feeling a little more chipper her service and amazing love didn't stop... it continued. Randomly, she'd still bring cookies, brownies, crave cupcakes, make me go on countless adventures, watch my kids, love my kids... there was no end to her loving care and no way out lol. I was hooked, I found a soulmate, someone I could depend on and tell anything and everything to. Someone who would never even think to judge me.

I just want her to know how much I love her and how grateful I am for good friends in my life. I have been blessed with some amazing friends throughout the various stages of my life thus far and hope that I can be as good a friend to them as they have been to me.

Breanna Jean, You're awesome and I wil forever be indebted to you for your graciousness and love. I love you!