On Belay!

WOOOOO! That's all I can say! WOO-HOO!!! Last night was my first class rock climbing @ the Y! It was AWESOME! I haven't loved something brand new like this right off the back since I started Rugby! It was sooo much fun and such a thrill! I made it all the way to the top in my FIRST DAY! I got 3 climbs in yesterday... the first was a little scary 'cause the whole height factor didn't click in until I was pretty high up and then I wasn't sure if I trusted my partner/the rope but it was awesome! My next climb I got kinda tired and came down, 1/2 way up one of the harder walls but my third climb I scaled that baby! It's soo much fun and so exhilarating! And what's even more awesome is that Nick loves climbing too, so I think for a date we're gonna go and climb together during one of the drop0-in times @ the Y. It was soo nice to get out and do something solely for ME! I love my kids but momma needs a little me time! It was also nice to do some exercise.. I mean I do exercise now on a regular basis (I have a hip-hop workout and a belly dance workout DvD that are surprisingly fun! & tough!) but this is a different kind of exercise. And man is it tough! Your arms get such a workout! I've never felt some of those muscles before! I also met some really nice people there too! My class is called "Women with Altitude" how cute is that? So it's a women's class and it's a riot! My partner was this really nice lady from Manchester, UK! It was cool listening to her accent as we climbed. I can't wait until next week 'cause I've got a fever and the only prescription is more climbing! (and the occasional cowbell lol!) I bet you can see my enthusiasm in my extensive use of exclamation marks!!!! haha lol. Well, this woman's got a taste of altitude and I'm addicted... On Belay!!!