She said...

This morning when I was changing:
Olivia: Mom! You have shells just like the Little Mermaid!
Mom: What?
Olivia: You have SHELLS!!! Just like the Little Mermaid!
Mom: I guess I do
Olivia: What colour are they?
Mom: I dunno, what colour are they?
Olivia: White!

Just now as she was watching Roxy:
Olivia: Mom.. they don't talk!
Mom: What? Why don't you want me to talk?
Olivia: No, Doggies and Piggies... they don't talk!
Mom: Well they do in their own languages.
Olivia: Oh.
(a few minutes later)
Olivia: Mom, only people talk, like you... and me.... and my daddy.... but my brother doesn't talk...

So funny... you gotta love this girl!