A night out with the girls!

So, it's not tomorrow.... big deal! lol. Being sick took a whole lot out of me, and then working like mad didn't help. I did manage to get a girl's night out though which was absolutely awesome! We had sooo much fun! I am absolutely LOVING my ward and all of the wonderful women in it! I became much better acquainted with a few women that I've been wanting to get to know better but jusn't haven't. It was also nice knowing that I'm not the only fake extrovert out there! (I may appear all outgoing and such on the outside, but inside I'm really fairly shy...) Anywho... there was food, laughter and chocolate... all the things that constitute fun with women! I loved that we didn't even have to really be doing anything, just sitting and gabbing was amazing! It has helped me to remember how much fun being social is... and is causing me to want to break out of my hermit shell again lol! So... I vow to throw parties and have a good time with good friends! Nick & I used to have parties and get-togethers all the time.. but not since we moved here.... I mean, we still have people over for dinner and get together with our best friends, but I want to get to know more people! Anywho... that's what I've been up to, but I did promise to continue to do some updating, so, let's see... where were we? Ahhh... Livi's birthday.... so last August!
Well, we got Zoo passes last year and spent a lot of time there... here are a few pictures from some of the times we went:
Ganesh... and Livi with her finger in Ganesh's belly buttonThe Baby Elephant!
Feeding a Giraffe!
At the Zoo with the Hughes:


A house full of sickies

So, we're all sick! (hence all the work on my blog). Right now, I'm in bed with watery eyes, blowing my nose every two minutes and a headache while Nick is out cold and I can hear at least one of my kids coughing while trying to sleep. Poor Sickies! Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining right? On the moments I feel somewhat Ok, I've been cleaning, working and BLOGGING! I do want to express a formal apology to all my faithful blog readers out there (I'm quickly learning that there are many more than I thought) about my lack of blogging the past oh... 6ish months. So once again, I'm sorry. I will try to continue writing as for some reason you seem to be enjoying my random musings, rantings and ravings! So... we're sick.. and I think Livi has Roseola again... poor kid! But somehow Nixon's managed to avoid getting the baby measels.... but we'll just wait and see... he has been warmish and the poor kid has such a runny nose and HATES it when I even look at him with a kleenex in my hand! But, like I said, I've had more time to slave away on my computer and play with the kids. So, since it's been so long, here's an update of what has happened in our lives since July 29th 2008:
Well, August 2nd we had a birthday party for Liv who turned 2 on August 3rd. My buddy Tess was such a help! We made a homemade piñata and everything! Here are some pics from the awesome event;

Yummy hotdogs! Liv, Ky and Bailey/Lincoln lol! She thinks of them as a package deal! The Fancy Cake! It had awesome pink polkadots but it was too hot and they slid off! I still think it's pretty awesome for my first attempt at a fancy Birthday Cake... and Ingrid, you're right... an awesome toy on top and you're good to go! lol!

The Piñata -it's all in the details!
My little man and his Mohawk! lol! He had no hair on the sides and a bunch on top and at the nape of his neck... what did you expect me to do?
Blowing out the cake, Tess & Nixon

All our hard work! But it was fun!
Tinkerbell dress & shoes from the H's


More party pics:

Well, that took much longer than I anticipated so I will continue with updates tomorrow!
Goodnight! And hopefully the I will no longer have a house full of sickies!

I'm a designer

So.. I figgured since I am a designer that maybe finally my Blog should reflect that, so here it is, my new blog designed by me. I only changed a few things because I liked the overall look of my previous blog, so.... tada! haha. Anywho... speaking of me being a designer, I have been soo busy lately and I LOVE IT! I was recently doing a website for an investment company, but am no longer working on that, I am however currently working for a Mompreneur doing her website and business/logo design. It's been a lot of fun! I'm also working for my new client, Heritage Pointe Medical Aesthetics and their Medical Clinic! It's been a lot of fun too. I went in to get my eyebrows done and came out with a job! I've been doing ads, posters, I created a new logo for them and am also in the works of redesigning their website. I've also been doing some wedding announcements/thank-you cards, baby announcements, christmas cards, blog headers, plaques for the Town of Coaldale and all sorts of fun stuff! The only bad thing is my computer is acting up, but I'm so busy, I can't take it in 'cause I don't want to lose working time with it! Oh well... when I hit a slower time I'll get it checked out. I think it's just the power cord anyway. I've also been working on my own website (I change it frequently) for Keshia Larsen Designs as well as a few other companies I've headed up and some philanthropical work too. I love how busy I've been, yet I've still been able to be with the kids (they have been watching a lot more Dora lately... but I haven't heard any complaints from Livi...). It's nice that I'm back in the swing of things! And I'm so glad that I'm developing my talents, helping with our fiances and that my main talent is that I'm a designer!


Long Time No Blog

So, I think this has been the longest I've gone without blogging! I know... life's been crazy and I haven't felt like recording much of it... also just haven't felt much like myself in a while either. Well, I've made some changes. I have been working out nearly every day and have been taking a little more time for me. I've also spent a lot of time contemplating... what I want out of life, and what life can expect out of me. A friend recently shared a question that her pastor asked their congregation, or rather, asked their congregation to ask of each other;
"What do you expect out of life, and is this the best we can expect from you?"
It really makes me think... and no, this isn't the best that I can offer, so I've been working on that too. I've also been developing the best friendship that I have ever had before, with the most amazing person. I feel like I have finally found what I've been looking for for a very, very long time. I found someone who cares for me as much as I care for them, and she values our friendship just as much as I do. The kind of friend that you know will have your back no matter what, one who won't judge you, but at the same time will tell you what's what. Ever since I moved here, I've been pretty sad, because I felt pretty alone, and then I got postpartum depression with Nixon (more details in another blog... not to dwell on it, but because it's such an important and common issue that is considered taboo when it really should be discussed and taken care of). So, I had some problems, and then I started praying... I prayed to find someone, a friend, a confident... a sister. And I am sooo unbelievably grateful that I have found her. And all that comes with her... including her absolutely amazing family, and my two new little sisters/nieces/cousins/friends lol. (inside joke). Anywho... lately life's been pretty good, I mean we all have our issues and problems, but I feel like I'm doing so much better at handling what's been thrown out my way.... learning to make the lemonade from the lemons! All in all, to sum it all up, I've learned that our Heavenly Father knows exactly what, and in my case, who we need to succeed, and we need to go to Him, with all of our problems, no matter how big, or small... if it's important to us, it's important to Him. I am soo grateful for the answers to prayers, and the testimony building experiences I have been offered. I do hope, that with my life a little less hectic, that it will be a long time before I "no blog" again!