Train Bday Party

These are some shots from Nixon's bday party... it was a train theme, lots of fun! We ate train shaped sandwiches, made celery trains (ants on a log) and had a yummy train cake ! After some games, we had popcorn and watched Thomas... fun party, and surprisingly easy to pull off... perfect for this pregnant momma!

The goodie bags were lined up like the cars of a train with little felt wheels attached to them... they included a bandana, a train whistle, and whatever candy the kids got from the Pinata.

A cookie cutter made awesome little sandwiches and my mini loaf pan made perfect train cars with Oreo wheels, candy cargo and licorice tracks! The kids had a lot of fun playing with the train table as well! One of my fave shots is Nixon with his "uncle" Brandon, they're so cute together! Nix was jumping off the back of the couch while Brandon caught him.


You might be a redneck if...

You were at the Saddledome tonight! We went and saw Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. It was quite entertaining, we saw Jeff Foxworthy last summer.. or maybe it was 2 summers ago... anywho, he was good, but I really enjoyed all three of them, especially at the end when they all were on stage and feeding off of each other.

It was fun to be out on a date with Nick... we used to go on dates ALL THE TIME.. but since I got pregnant and have been super sick, that's kinda fizzled. We went out for a really rushed dinner before hand, and then after the show, we just talked on the way home, and it was nice... we talked about old relationships (random, I know) and about our datingness (like that word? I was gonna use "courtship" but is just sounds so formal..). It was fun to just sit and chat, I mean we talk all the time, but tonight, it was different, and I liked it. I really love him and am so grateful for him in my life.

Tonight was a good, fun night! =)


My lil' Birthday Boy

So I promised I'd post pictures of Nix on his bday, so here they are:

These are him at our special bday dinner at BP's He thoroughly enjoyed eating some delicious cake! (also totally didn't even notice when I dressed him this morning I put on his shirt that has the number "3" on it... very fitting.)

And the beloved train table... I've never seen him this interested in anything before... I'm loving it!

So that was his bday... more pics after his party this weekend!

Ps... have you noticed how much I've been blogging lately? I'm just sayin...



So today was the boy's birthday! Crazy to think that 3 years ago (actually at this exact time) I was in labour... well, by now I was in the OR prepping for the section... still in labour though! Wow... time flies hey? And now we're expecting another little man!

We surprised him this morning with a train set (yes, the one EVERYONE has from Toys R Us... why mess with a good thing?). He LOVES IT! He hasn't stopped playing with it all day... Excellent investment for me by the way!

We ended the day by going out to dinner at Boston Pizza's... it was fun! We really don't take our kids out for dinner much... usually if we're gonna eat out, it's just take out... but it was fun taking them on a little birthday date!

Well, sorry this post is boring, but I took the pictures on my phone and it's ALLL the way downstairs! So I'll post them tomorrow!


Picture Catch-up

So I have missed blogging about so much, but luckily I still manage to take pictures, so I was looking through them and since Iphoto categorizes them by date, it's so much easier to go back and see what I've blogged and haven't blogged about. So here are some blog-worthy pics that I want to remember.

Miss Liv's first day of preschool, these pictures are now a year old, they were taken last January when she very first started at her school that we LOVE... she was so excited, and she loves it so much!

This day was hilarious, and surprisingly a lot of fun! This is also back in January of 2010, but Bree had asked me to watch her boys so she could go to a doctor's appt, so I said sure... then, about 10 min after she drops em off, I get a phone call from my bro-in-law asking me to watch their kids 'cause his wife had slipped on the ice and they were taking her to the emergency 'cause she cut her head and had a possible concussion (not the funny part... kinda scary) so I said sure! (What else was I gonna say?) Well... that put me at 7 kids... consisting of one 5 year old, two 3 1/2 year olds, and 4 just barely under or over 2 year olds.
It was intense! But it was super fun... and surprisingly easy! The older kids played dress-up in the basement and watched tree house, while the younger ones played on the main level with some of the smaller toys. They all kept each other company, and then I made a whole mess of Mac and Cheese for lunch and we had a good old time! Made me think I could run a dayhome... (that thought's logged away... never to become a reality.)

One of my favorite things is baking with Liv. We have matching aprons and she just thinks it's the best thing in the world! She's such a good little helper too, she turns on and off the kitchenaid, puts in the ingredients.... basically I'm just there for moral support (and the measuring part).

These pics just make me laugh. I actually remember this day too, it was last February and Nixon thought it was hilarious to turn his toy upside down and sit in it... and then when I whipped out the camera, Liv wanted in on the action...

These pics were taken at one of our fave spots... Playtopia. It's a fun pay place that our kids just love, there's rock climbing (after my own heart), slides, a TON of noisy kids running around... and it all means Fun for the kids and a break for me!

Well... I'm sleepy, so that's all for now, but will post again soon!


Cry Me A River

So this post is more of a "mommy help" post than my usual random thoughts...

I absolutely, completely, irrevocably, adore my little girl... but I have an issue. She cries over EVERYTHING! And what I want to know is... is it a phase, or are girls just THIS emotional? She is the sweetest most thoughtful and caring little girl, but if she gets the slightest bit frustrated, she starts to cry.

I really am trying to be empathetic and understanding, but this one is really hard for me. I almost never cry (pregnancy throws that statement out the window though) so it's hard for me to relate. At first I would sweetly talk to her and help her work through whatever was upsetting her, and now I'm not mean or heartless about it, but I do try to explain to her that it's not something we need to cry about, and remind her that she's good at solving problems and then ask her what she thinks she should do.

What about you guys? Anyone have this issue? Anyone have any insight? By telling her it's nothing to cry about, am I being mean or negating her feelings? I mean... today Nixon disagreed with her and she about started to ball... is that normal?

Any moms out there willing to share their experience or knowledge?


Time Out

So, I know in my last post I talked about not apologizing for falling short, so I'm not going to. Just a little explanation to those who may have noticed.

So I started to feel guilty as Christmas completely snuck up on me this year because I hadn't done nearly all that I had planned or wanted to. Usually I do an immense amount of service to those that know and many that don't... Usually I pick out the PERFECT gift for all those on my list... usually I do so much MORE with the kids... but not this year.

This year I was sick... (Oh PS. did I mention that I'm pregnant and we're due to have a little boy in April... hmm.... oh well, now ya know!) This year I was tired... This year I was in bed MUCH more than I think I've ever been... This year was simple and not stressful, This year was WONDERFUL!

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE offering service... left right and center... it makes me feel so much more like one of Christ's disciples. I love knowing that someone's day was happier because I took a little time to think of them. I LOVE seeing my friends and family open that PERFECT gift... I love making gingerbread houses with the kids and teaching them all about Christmas...

But this year I did something I rarely do (at Christmas time or any other)... I had time to myself.

Most of our Christmas shopping I did online... and we did a big present for each of the kids and not much else, other than stockings and maybe a book or 2. I did a ton of baking (which I didn't end up giving to anyone because I didn't have time). I still was able to get a perfect gift for a few ppl... but I didn't go overboard... I snuggled my kids, got things done around the house... lots of naps... and it was great.

I felt guilty for not being there for a few of my friends when I really would have liked to serve them more... but then I realized that instead, I was there for myself and my family... and we really needed that this year.

This pregnancy has totally slowed me down... I haven't been able to do so much of what I usually do... but it's helped others to be able to serve me, it's helped me take time out for me, which I know I wouldn't have done otherwise.

It's made me realize there's a time and a season for all things... and right now, is time for me to take care of me and my family and make sure I'm healthy because unfortunately, I can't do all that I'd like to right now... but that's OK... I can serve and do all that I want to again soon... the Lord just granted me this little break to regroup and remember to take care of myself... and I'm grateful for that.


Woah Now!

Woah, Woah, Woah... 2 posts in one day?! Something's going on! lol. Better watch out before I burn out or get carpal tunnel or something lol

So, it's January 2nd... a new year... and what does that mean everyone's talking about? Yup... New Year's Resolutions. So... here's mine.

My New Year's Resolution is simply this... to do my best.
I'm not going to make some unattainable goals that will just depress me when I don't get em done... I just want to do the best that I can, in all that I do. That means realizing and accepting that today's best may not be the same as tomorrow's best... and that's OK!

It means being the best mom I can be, being the best wife I can be... being the best friend... whatever I do... giving it my all. And like I said earlier, because of time constraints, amounts of sleep had, and just general situations that arise in life... my best probably won't ever be the same two days in a row... and that's just fine. I resolve to take each day one step, one minute, one second at a time... and while doing so, thinking, "am I doing my best"?

That means not apologizing for falling short, because I'm human and that was the best I could do at the time. It means not making excuses, and not beating myself up... because how can I expect any more of myself? Or even... any less?

I hope that this resolution helps me to think more about each and everything that I do... and helps me to enjoy life more fully. Because... that's truly the best that I can do!

Long Time No Post

I wonder if I've already written a post with that header?... Anywho, yes, it's been a long time since I've posted last... but I've decided not to give up on this blogging thing... so long as you guys don't give up on me!

So two weeks ago I got the sweetest message on Facebook. One of my friends whom I'm really not very close to, or at least haven't been lately wrote me and made me cry. She wrote to me about how she was grateful for my blog and that she'd been reading it (must have been my previous posts) and it's really touched her. She wrote about how she's gone through a lot of the same things I have, and had struggled through many of the same trials. She wrote about how my experiences have helped her not feel alone, and have helped her get through some rough times. She also wrote about admiring me.

I felt so humbled to read this extremely unexpected message, and grateful that she wrote it. It made me want to keep writing this blog... even though sometimes I get lazy. It made me realize that I have no idea how many people I may have touched, and because I'm not afraid to talk about depression and the struggles of life as well as the joys, that others have benefited.

Life throws us so many curve balls and sometimes we just want to lay down and cry... which is OK... but then we need to get back up, dust off, and keep on keeping on. That doesn't mean it will get any easier, that doesn't mean we won't have trials... but it does mean that we won't give up. I really hope that my blog has helped you at some time in your life... or just given you a good laugh (have I told you about Nixon pooping in the vent?).

I'm still here, and I'm still writing. For me... and for those of you who need it.