Dang the Man!

"The Man" is out to get me! I hate TELUS!!!!!!! Stupid big corporate company trying to charge you for EVERY STUPID THING! Soo.... the other day, my cellphone breaks... or so I thought! It had this weird error message and was unusable, so I took it into a telus dealer who told me that it was unfixable and that I'd have to buy a new phone! So my options were, $80, $100 and up! REDICULOUS! I don't even like telus, and it would cost me over $200 to get out of my stupid contract! So I decided not to buy one that day, and discuss it with my husband whose thoughts were "what else can you do?" so... last night we went and spent like $200 on a stupid phone because after taxes and a service pan (THAT THE SALES ASSOCIATE SLIPPED IN AND I REALLY DIDN'T WANT) it came out to a ton of money... oh yeah, did I mention all of their stupid fees? Their dumb phone broke, but I had to pay for them to transfer my cell phone # and it would cost even more to transfer my phone book (which since my phone was unusable, wasn't possible! I lost all those numbers!) I was sooo mad! Fee this and Fee that! There needs to be a cell phone provider in Canada that doesn't suck your wallet dry like this! GEEZE! This would NEVER fly in the U.S! So why do us Canadaians get taken advantage of and just put up with it?! GRRR!!!! And then the clencher! I get home, plug in my old cell phone (just for kicks) AND IT WORKS! The associate was an IDIOT! It wasn't unfixable! THEY JUST WANTED MY MONEY! Telus is a scam and as soon as I'm out of my contract I'm giving them the BOOT! PIECE OF JUNK!
Well, there's my rant, but other than that, we had a lovely evening! Nick & I went to a movie which was good, not great, but good, but it was nice to spend some time just the 2 (I guess and 1/3) of us! I love having at least some family nearby to help take Livi when we need a break! I am very grateful for all the wonderful blessings we have! (despite Telus)


Domesticated? Pffft! OK well....

Alright! I admit it... call me what you will! Domesticated, Molly, Betty Crocker, Martha... the list goes on. I will no longer pretend, I AM DOMESTICATED! If you would have told me 5 years ago, that this would happen, I'd laugh in your face! I vowed never to touch a scrapbook in my life! Sure, I love to cook and bake, but that was the extent! I like kids and always wanted some, but I never would have imagined my life would turn out like this! I was the tough girl who played Rugby and did everything possible, and tried everything possible (all good though ;))! I played and managed basketball, I played all sorts of sports, I was going to go skydiving and do all sorts of crazy things... do you want to know what I did today?
I woke up, got myself, Olivia & Nick ready and fed, got Nick out the door to work after having a little scripture study. Then I cleaned the top floor of our house, baked brownies, put my almost 1 year old to sleep, changed an ultrasound date for my baby on the way, did some online banking, and paid some bills, scrapbooked a little (all while watching Regis & Kelly and The View). Then I got Olivia up, moved the sprinkler a few times, fed her, made myself lunch, visited with some friends from out of town, signed up to be a tupperware consultant, made dinner then went couch shopping with the husband.
Sounds like a blast! But ya know what? I wouldn't trade it for all the skydiving adventures in the world! Being a mom is wonderful, and I love that I can make delicious healthy meals and snacks for my family. (Although, I made brownies today that were 60% sugar). My kids will love that I used my talents to preserve my memories and their pictures, and will love the memory of having homemade good food to eat.


"I'm pregnant" ... "I KNOW!"

Ok... so did I mention that I'm expecting another baby? Well, we are, sometime in January I think. Well, let me tell you, pregnancy does some pretty crazy things to a girl! I'm am usually a very rational and understanding woman... except when I'm pregnant, then I'm anything but! I find myself crying over stupid things, often things that don't deserve ANYONE'S tears! And I quickly lose patience and am easily annoyed! So.. if I recognize all of this, I should be able to fix it right? WRONG! It's like you do all this and while you're saying stupid things you're thinking "Why am I being so dumb? I don't know.. and I don't care.. I'M RIGHT!" It's really hard to control, and I always thought it was dumb when people use the excuse "I'm pregnant" (said in a whiny tone) But often it's the only thing you can say... and when I do, my sweet loving husband simply replies "I know". Sometimes this response is in an empathetic tone, and sometimes it's in a "you don't have to tell me" tone. So... yes, I'm pregnant and I do apologize to all those around me whom I snap at, but seriously.. this many hormones raging around your body is not a fun thing, especially when you add extreme fatigue and occasional frustration from chasing around a very energetic toddler all day! Poor poor baby, let's hope he/she's very very patient!


Fly fly fly away!

So, a little while ago, my sister introduced me to "Fly Lady". Fly lady is a program that helps you to organize your life so that you have more time to "fly" (finally love yourself). Now, it's a really easy program to follow and is free of charge, and comes complete with reminder e-mails if you choose to use them. BUT like anything else that's so easy to do, it's impossible! lol no, you just need dedication, which I have none of, however this morning I wokeup wanting to re-create a schedule to ensure that I have time to myself each day, and not 5 minutes of time, but a fairly good chunk. Of course I never got around to it, but I will tomorrow! It is something that is VERY important to me! I'm feeling a lot better lately... still trying to "find myself'" and figure out just what I'd like to do with that time I'm allotting for myself... I think I'm doing pretty good though. Yesterday I took a looong bath and even exfoliated and used a face mask! And the day before I scrapbooked 2 pages. This helps, but I need something during the day... and socialization! We only have one vehicle, so I am stranded during the day and don't know anyone in our neighbourhood yet,so I'm kinda lonely too. So I manage to fill my days with housework and organization... also, chasiing Olivia. I'm glad I have a little friend, because otherwise I don't know what I'd do! Well, I'm going to bed, but tomorrow, mark my word, I will fly!


Do you remember when...

Lately I've been reminiscing about what it was like pre-baby... don't get me wrong, I adore my little angel, but I feel that somewhere along the way I lost my identity and became this clean freak called mom. I mean I do a lot... I wake up, feed the baby, get the husband off for work, clean the house, bake yummy food, cook (my attempt at) somewhat gourmet meals, scrapbook, take walks and occasionally fit a shower into there. No, I'm not complaining I love my life and feel ever so blessed! My husband is wonderful and adores me, my baby is precious and wild (which I keep telling myself is a good thing ;) ) and I live in a beautiful home in a wonderful neighbourhood. I think the problem is I need ME time... I feel that EVERYTHING I do is for someone else... even scrapbooking... especially scrapbooking! I remember when I used to dance, or play sports or write poetry, or just veg... Maybe most moms put themselves on the back burner and maybe that's the conventional way to do it... but I am not conventional, I am going to make ME happy, because if mom's not happy, then everyone's miserable! I set the tone for my family, and I need to start making me happy! It may sound selfish to you, but to me it makes perfect sense! Now... where to start? What to do? Maybe I feel this way because we just moved and I have no friends or any kind of social outlet... even at church I usually sit alone... or am chasing after Olivia... well, whatever I choose to do, I need to remember that I am more than just a mom, I am a woman and a wife first!
I am the woman behind the baby... time to let her through!