Whaaaat? 2 Posts in 2 days?!!

That's right! Another day, another post! And this one is on a very important topic... TELEVISION!
LOL I know I'm random but that's why you love me! (You DO Love me right?) Well I thought I'd post my fave shows since they all start up again soon! Honestly... if you're looking for some good quality entertainment... look no further!

SUCH a good show! I love it... nerds, a hot girl... what more do you need?.... Bazinga!

Tracy Jordan... need I say more?

Dwight... gotta love him!

thoroughly entertaining and will have you scrutinizing everyone's facial expressions around you!

Oh Michael Weston... how I love thee!

LEGEN... wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerent 'cause this next part... is DAIRY!

Yes... that is Angel but don't let that fool you! This is a quality show! Oh Temperance!

Why Yes, that is Al Bundy... and this show is sa-weet!

2 words... Amy Poehler!

Love My Chuckles!

Newer show and it got extra funny towards the end of last season

Not quite as good as Lie to me but still a good show

sigh... I'll admit it...

I've fallen victim


yes... it's true. I am a closet Glee-er.

PS. This post has got me thinking I watch entirely too much television...


Crazy Crazy Summer!

So this summer has been INTENSE! We have been back and forth to Utah and organizing all sorts of stuff for Candlelight Serenade (The benefit concert we put on for Child Rescue). It was sooo much work, but at the same time... just so excellent! We had amazing volunteers and help and really put on an awesome show! And we got so much awareness out there.

Child trafficking is such a difficult cause to talk about, but it is very real... right here in North America, so it was great to be able to voice that in a way that causes people to action and not to depression. We had some AMAZING bands! We had Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessionals, Nick Hexum of 311, Relient K, Neon Trees, Vedera, Sherwood, Making April, Priscilla Ahn, Steel Train, Fictionist and Allred, who even wrote a song for the cause that many of the artists came on stage to sing.

Candlelight was such a fun night and definitely the highlight of my summer. I just loved it! Everytime I think about it, it makes me get a little teary-eyed because so many people came together... saw our vision... joined our cause... and helped us on our journey to once again abolish slavery.

Check this out for pictures of Candlelight. or Check out our FB Page. -more pics will be up once I finish setting up our Flickr account.

For ways on how you can volunteer or help out with Child Rescue, check out childrescue.org or contact me.