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Here's the link to my website and blog templates. I'm thinking about doing a "Template Thursday" and releasing a new template each week... maybe doing a "Friday Freebie" where I offer something... what do you think? What would you want offered?


Oh Man... that boy!

And What Do You Suppose I Found In Here Yesterday?!

Yes... Yes this IS another entry about that dreaded 4 letter word... POOP!
So Yesterday, Nick stayed home from work 'cause he had been sick all weekend and wasn't feeling good then either... Well, when we woke up, I felt sick, so he let me sleep in and watched the kids for a bit. I vaguely remember him asking Nixon if he pooped in his room and then cleaning it up. Fine... that was done right?.. WRONG! Everytime I went into his room I couldn't get why it smelled... I stripped his bed, put ALL the sheets in the wash, searched for diapers, but the smell still lingered. As I was putting him down for the night I noticed the smell was really strong by the head of his bed (which is a crib mattress for now by the way). And looked around and all I saw was.... the vent! "Oh no" I thought... "He couldn't have!"... well He Could have... and he did! He had somehow either hovered over it and pooped or moved the fecal matter into the vent... and then replaced the top! I am so lucky I found it within the day and didn't have the heat blaring and... well you get the picture! Seriously? Where does he get it? Nick & I didn't know whether to laugh or be mad... it is kinda funny...


Latest in Olivianess!

Olivia: "Mom, I know! We should have 2 boys and 2 girls!"
Me: "We should? Where?"
Olivia: "In our house!"
Me: "Where are we going to get the other girl and boy from?"
Olivia: "Ummm... from the baby store!"

She's such a ham! Honestly... where does she think of this?


Whoah Nelly!

So it just feels like life is going by sooo fast! I remember when I had been married like 6ish months waking up one morning and just being amazed at where I was in life. It was like in the movies when you see them and then in a flash you see them 20 years later. Sometimes (like this morning) I feel like life has skipped ahead so quickly and I should still be like back in high school or something. Anyone else get this or am I just crazy? It's not like I'm not happy or don't love my life, I am very happy at where I am in life and love my family. I dunno, I just feel like it's going too fast! I can remember riding my bike around the neighborhood for hours with my friends in elementary/junior high school and now I'm married and teaching my own kids to ride bikes. I feel like I should stop sleeping or something to make the time last longer. Before I know it my kids will be starting school and then graduating and then getting married and having their own kids! Oh man... but that's all the joy of growing and experiencing all the different seasons there are to life right? As excited as I am for all of these things to happen, I think my new goal in life is to take some time to breathe, relax and really try to enjoy each season. Funny... as I'm writing this the leaves have turned and snow has come and melted and more should be on its way in the next few months and I realize that I didn't enjoy summer as much as I wanted. So I will take a lesson that I learn each fall when I regret how much time I spent indoors during the beautiful months of summer and apply it to my life in a much grander way and make a goal to not look back and regret not spending enough time with the kids, or Nick or doing the things I love. I know that life gets in the way and I can't spend EVERY minute of my life doing something I ABSOLUTELY love, but I can try a little harder, complain a little less and just enjoy each season, even if it is the dead of winter...



So I find myself on a friday evening reclining while watching Liar Liar with my laptop and a pint of Haagen Dazs Mayan Chocolate ice cream. Nixon's asleep, Liv's at her cousins for a sleepover and Nick's somewhere on the road between here and Edmonton returning from a business meeting. Now what do I do? I look around me and see my basement covered in food, toys and playdough, yet the urge to clean does not seem to manifest, no matter how much I say "I should...". I am quite behind with work and know that more is coming in the week, but still.... no urges. So, I do something that I frequently neglect and haven't done in some time... I blog. Now, what to blog about? Well, you've all seen my new blog design by now, and Yes, I do blogs as well as all that other stuff. I really love the way my blog turned out, it feels very.. ME! But this isn't my business blog, so enough about that. Lately I've been full of gratitude. I feel like I have so much and don't really deserve it. We have a beautiful home, a vehicle I LOVE, two happy, healthy children, a happy home, an amazing husband who is just so good to me despite my clear insanity and my amazing friends. I think that if I had to pick the 2 things that I was the most grateful for this year, it would be the gospel (even though I'm really not the best at living it to my fullest, but that's what progression is for right?) and for the people I have around me, both friends and family. My two closest friends, Kelly & Bree have been so good to me, they really are both just amazing women and I'm so happy to have them in my life, especially over this last year. I have so many other wonderful friends and really miss my close ones from Winnipeg & from childhood. As I reflect, I realize that this year has been an especially tough one. Despite my many blessings, I have had a rough time, figguring out post-partum depression that seemed to fester into I don't know what; stresses of managing a home, a business, partnering with some amazing women for another business, the guilt of my businesses, being a good mommy, wifey and friend and who knows what else! But looking back, all I can say is that I survived! And that survival was in large part to my best friends. They made me smile and talked me through a whole lot of issues, they took my kids, they threw parties, they let me vent, stress and cry. But most importantly, they let me just be me, and didn't judge me one bit for doing so. To them I am unbelievably and forever grateful. I know the Lord had a special plan when he put those women in my path, they are exactly what I need and combined with my wonderful Husband, they keep me going. I love them, I love Nick, I love my sweet little babies and I am truly grateful for the peace and joy I have been feeling recently.



Hey all!
So, the official blog for Urban Design Studio 1 (formerly, "Keshia Larsen Designs") is now up! You can get to it by clicking here. I know it has been a long time coming and the site will be up next week, but I wanted to get some things rolling including A GIVEAWAY!!!!
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So to kick off our new company, we are offering a free blog design! Here's how to win, check out my company blog button on the right (------>), add it to your blog, go back to the uds1 blog and tell me that you did it! (You get an extra entry if you follow us!)

Excellent, and thanks for supporting the new company!