Merry Christmas!

Hey Everyone! Just thought I'd post a copy of our family newsletter.

Larsen Family Newsletter December 2007
Well, it’s time to send out Christmas cards, so I thought I’d send out a little update as well for all of you who may not have heard from us in a while.
Let’s see... Well, of course, like every year since we’ve been married this has been an eventful one. (Sorry... may not be in chronological order.)
In my opinion the most exciting (and tiring) news is that we decided to have a second child, so little Nixon Duke is on his way and he will be here really soon. Next month to be exact! So we’ve been prepping Livi for the arrival of her baby brother.
I worked again this summer for the University of Lethbridge doing advertising sales and designs, but ended up leaving early because it was too hard for me to be away from Livi. This summer I also was lucky enough to get to help coach the Raymond high school girls’ rugby team. Olivia was my little assistant coach. It was a blast. We had so much fun. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to provincials, we lost by 1 point in zone finals, which if you know anything about rugby know it’s really hard to lose by only 1 point. We lost to our rivals Lethbridge Collegiate Institute (LCI), but we did have a great season only ever losing to them and we even sent 2 of our girls to play on team Alberta!
Nick got a job in Calgary with a junior oil & gas company called Renelco, where he is now a ‘Land Manager’ so in July we made the move to the big city. We love it here, but we do miss Raymond quite a bit. And I miss my rugby girls. Our ward at church is HUGE, And growing. There are over 20 pregnant women! And lots and lots of kids! It’s a lot of fun... kinda hard to concentrate but still fun.
Olivia turned one in August and we had a little birthday party at Nick’s parents’, which was fun. (She even kissed a boy on her birthday... twice!) Olivia is a very active little girl. She has been walking since she was 9 months and now talks really well. I know, you probably don’t believe me, but she talks up a storm with real words too. She’s been talking since she was 10ish months. She can even say her baby brother’s name. And is now trying sentences. We taught her sign language at first (when she was 7 months) and she really caught on quickly and now does both signing and talking.
Nick’s sister Meg moved in with us so she could save some money and has been living with us since September I think. She’s been a real help around the house and with Livi... we call her our live in nanny.
So far this pregnancy has been going really well, much more tiring than I remember since I am also spending my days chasing after a very active toddler! But he’s growing really well and everything’s great. We have been doing lots of ultrasounds though to monitor his size to see if we’ll need another c-section... Right now it’s a toss up. But that’s OK so long as everyone’s healthy. Maureen and my mom will be here helping out after he’s born and Meg’s around, so we’re not too worried. Olivia is very very excited for her baby, she likes to rub my stomach and say “baby or “Nixon”... or lately, “Duke”.
I’ve also started my own business doing design work as I have been doing a little on the side and thought it would be fun to do a little more, so my website is at the bottom and do check it out and let me know what you think. I’ve just recently started it so we’ll see how it goes... so far a lot of start-up work!
Well, I think that’s all for the news this year. We’re just looking forward to an exciting new year with 2 kids and all of the adventures that will bring.
We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Nick, Keshia, Olivia & Nixon
Also, here is our address and family websites:

Nick & Keshia Larsen
1072 Cranston Drive, S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T3M 1A4
Ph: 403-668-4363

Blog: http://memoirsofakeshia.blogspot.com/
Photo Site: http://gallery.mac.com/nblarsen
Keshia’s Work: http://www.keshialarsendesigns.com


The Green-Eyed Monster shows it's face!

So I am officially an Auntie for the 8th time! Little Finley Nina Larsen was born on Tuesday morning weighing in at 6lbs 2 oz. (And she's still bigger than Livi was!). She is stinkin' cute and I am sooo jealous of Steph! I know I know.. only 6 more weeks but come on! I want this baby OUTTA HERE! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant and I do really well as a preggo but I'm done! I guess I should just enjoy it since it will be a little while before the next one, but she's soo cute, I just wanna see Nixon. Anywho, enough of my jealousy. Steph did really well, they were worried she'd have a section and I felt bad for her (apparently all she could think of was how bad she felt for me lol!) But at the last minute BOOM! there was a baby! I am soo happy that everything went well and that they're both healthy. Well, we are on our way over there to see them again and I will take and post pics when I can. Also.. we'll work on keeping that green-eyed monster hidden! haha. (Next time, I get to have the baby first! she's done it twice!)


"The Prodigy"

So My sister-in law continues to call my daughter a child prodigy! I just laugh, but I figgured her many wonderful accomplishments should be acknowledged! So... here it is, the mommy brag blog entry! If you look at Olivia you think she's the tiniest gentlest thing.... HA! She may be petite but that girl is strong and smart! She started to scoot at 6ish weeks, started crawling at 5 months, learned to walk at just under 10 months and hasn't been able to slow down since! She's always been an extremely attentive baby too! We participated in a program called "Roots of Empathy" and at only a few months old, she was amazing the teacher and the program instructor with her attention and knowledge! (they swear she was reading! lol). Well.. what I am most proud of is her extensive vocabulary and how much she talks! (absolutely NOTHING like her mommy haha!) When we moved to Calgary I met up with an old friend and told her that my daughter is talking (at 11 months) and she laughed at me and said "she talks!" but let me tell you, you have to hear it to believe it. She was born babbling so that's nothing new, but her use and pronunciation of words is amazing! At 11 months she had over 20 words and now at 15 1/2 months she has over 60! And those are words she says on her own.. she's a little parrot and will repeat just about anything too! So.. there you go, that's the story of "the prodigy". Honestly, I am pretty amazed! She's a very intelligent girl, and really understands a lot! But unfortunately I am not the one to take credit! She did it all on her own! I've never sat down with her trying to turn her into a mini genius... but maybe all that Baby Einstein she watched as a baby helped? Who knows! But there you have it... "The Prodigy".


Inadequacy At It's Best

I think I'm a pretty good mom, I've only had a handful of "those" days -you know the ones! Where everything goes wrong your usual 'angel' child turns to the dark side and you wonder if you really signed up for this job or were somehow tricked into it, all while planning some kind of escape (mine was running away to a remote island sipping virgin Piña Coladas with a handsome tiki-boy. Well, yesterday was one of those days! I knew it was going to be bad when I didn't want to get out of bed and when I went in to give Livi her milk, she wanted up and I wasn't dressed. My usual routine is I wake up or hear Livi make a little bit of noise then I say my prayers, make the bed, take a shower and get dressed. Then I tidy up our room a little bit and get a load of laundry ready and by then Livi is ready to wake up so I go and get her. That is how I usually start my day, so when I tried to "lure" Livi back to sleep with her milk yesterday, she wouldn't have it.. she wanted up! So I tried to pick her up and bring her to bed with me. NO DICE! She cuddled for a minute but then started moving all over the place and was not going to sleep! So I got up and did somehow manage to get dressed. We then went to get Livi dressed (as I do every morning) and she wouldn't have it, she threw a fit and wouldn't get dressed! So after tears and kicking and screaming I got her dressed! (Oh, Livi was upset too!) So after all that we went down to get breakfast (leaving the laundry upstairs because I wasn't about to deal with that now!) and I made Livi a waffle. Then we made it downstairs to the basement where we spend most of our day. I put on one of Livi's favourite TV shows and tried to get her to eat her waffle, which of course she didn't want! However, after a little while I did manage to get her to eat most of it and drink her milk. All morning though, she was grumpy and throwing fits and biting! Yes.. biting! She started biting again last week when trying to attack her cousin for taking some of her Fruit Loops! So, she got mad at me 'cause I wouldn't let her do something or the other and bit me! So, I flicked her mouth and sternly said "NO BITE" and she through a fit, so I put her on the ground and walked away, after a while I picked her up and consoled her... and the little stinker BIT MY NECK! Let's just say I was less than impressed! So I promptly pulled her off of me and let her know that that was not OK! So this went on until nap time (at lunch she threw food all over the ground, but I did manage to get her to eat something). So, I put her down for her nap and of course she cries (which she never does anymore, she knows when it's time for bed). That's OK, I let my children cry, because mommy knows best! So I put her down and then grabbed the basket of laundry and bring it downstairs (I am still quite upset and frustrated with my day but I figgure Livi's sleeping so I can calm down!) Anywho, I bring the laundry downstairs and as I get to the bottom of the stairs, I step on someones shoe and almost snap my ankle! I heard a snap, but luckily no damage was done. So I finally get the laundry going and the house is a mess, but I refuse to tackle that until I'm calm, so I go to the basement to do a few things down there. Of courses, Livi falls asleep, but not too long after I hear her on the monitor waking up again, so I left her in her room because I know how badly she needs her sleep. Then, a few hours later after I've calmed down a bit, (but you all know it takes a whole new day to get back to normal) I have to get Livi ready because we're going trick-or-treating at the mall. That was a blast! (sarcasm!) Getting Livi ready was worse than the morning battle! So I finally get her dress and tutu on but can't find her fairy wings! Then she finds her aunt's toothbrush (my sister-in-law lives with us) and won't let me have it. So I finally pry it from her hands and....she throws another fit of course! So I pick her up and get her downstairs while I look for her wings and anythng she can think of to get mad for.. she does! So a few more fits later, we're out the door, and of course, my husband doesn't want to come with, so instead of taking out all this anger and frustration I have on him, I say OK. Then, we get to the mall with my other sister-in-law and her kids, and Livi doesn't want me to hold her! She would rather go to her aunt! fine! But her cousin won't let me hold him either, so Steph takes both babies, I take the 3yr old and the stroller and we head in. Steph had to give Livi back while tending to her own kids, so more anger from my little fairy. Then we start going to the stores and get some candy and she realises whhat's going on, and she is FINALLY OK! She was happy the rest of the day! It was amazing, or maybe she realised I'd go crazy after one more tantrum! Anywho, we had a good time, she ate a sucker, we went home and I was starving because pregnant Mommy has only had some toast and a bowl of cereal all day! Oh I think a little mac and cheese too. So I'm starving and of course won't cook because I'm still all jittery from being so frazzled all day and just want pizza! But we're on a budget and I'd have to give something up for my pizza, but I was almost in tears, so FINE! All I wanted was yummy Pizza with lots of sauce. And of course to top off my wonderful day, there was hardly any sauce on the pizza at all! So before I have a conniption I decide to go to bed at 8:30. So let's hope today is much, much better! So far it's been great! Let's keep it that way! Oh, and why do we beat ourselves up over being "inadequate"? We are not perfect! We are allowed to have inadequate or difficult days! It helps us to appreciate the good ones and teaches us patience! (P.S. Don't pray for patience or you get days like that!) So, even after yesterday, I still think I'm a pretty good mom! I love my daughter very much and am excited for my little guy to come! I am not perfect and that's OK! Perfection is a goal that I'm only going to attain through Christ and his gospel (and even then, not until I'm dead!) So I am proud to say that I am a living example of inadequacy at it's best!


Flying Through Eternity!

So my sister-in-law challenged me to a 21day fly-off yesterday! Well.. if we both do FlyLady and keep up with our routines for 21 days (the amount of time required to establish a habit) then we get to go out for dinner with our husbands. So that is my goal. 21 days.. I can do it! 1 down.. 20 more to go! So.. that's the plan, but what I really wanted to write about was how doing these routines and having my home clean and orderly really lifts my spirits. I mean.. a lot! I was listening to conference a few weekends ago and really felt the need to be a better mom. Not that I don't think I'm a good mom as I am, I think I'm a great mom, I'm nurturing, loving and I feel pretty patient. I keep a clean home and try my hardest to make sure my daughter knows how much I love her and try to take time out of each day just for her.. where we do whatever that 14month old wants to. But I have really realized the blessings and importance of a temple marriage and the promises of an eternal family. I am so grateful for my family and want them to know that- through my words AND my actions. Keeping a clean orderly home really effects me mentally. I am one of the lucky few who has a husband who really doesn't care if the house is a mess when he comes home, or if it's total CHAOS as long as we're happy. He truly is a great guy, and I think that's why I stress, because I like a clean home and feel like he deserves one. But doing the simple daily routines and tasks presented by FlyLady has really helped to keep peace in our home and in me personally. Now to tackle the clutter within. All the things I want to do for myself that I haven't done lately. I mean to Fly does mean to Finally Love Yourself. And By doing small things to keep the house clean you leave much more room to FLY. So that is why I'm preparing myself so that I can FLY through Eternity!


It's all downhill from here!

WOOHOO! We've passed the 1/2 way mark! We're on the home stretch now! This baby'll be outta here soon enough! No, I seriously LOVE being pregnant! So much fun! and Nixon's a fun little guy! I'm excited to see him again on Monday when I go for my next ultrasound. He's been moving a bunch lately, but more in the evening and middle of the night! (can anyone say Night Owl?!) Let's just hope he figures out day & night before he gets out! I can't handle a night owl and a hyper little monkey all at once! His sister will keep me so busy, how will I manage? Hmm.... not too sure what to write, I feel like if I stop now (even though I'm sleepy) that it won't be long enough or a very good read...but if I continue to blog will it be a waste of space because I'll be writing about nothing at all? Oh the dilemmas in life and the decisions that plague this oh so busy stay at home mommy! Let's see... I just got a package I ordered of organic and safe cleaners for the house so I'm pretty excited about that. I got them because the other day when I was cleaning with our run-of-the-mill cleaners, I started getting nauseated and dizzy and thought that the fumes were too much, and that that's no good... especially for a pregnant lady! So we'll see how I like them! They're mostly vinegar, so I can probably make them myself once I run out. Also, I'm on this healthy granola lifestyle kick! I now start off each and every morning with a homemade breakfast shake complete with tofu! I know what can i say! I'm a slave to fads! No, I've been wanting to be healthier and more environmentally friendly (GREEN). So now, most of the diapers we use are cloth, I hang-dry about 50-60% of our clothes, I'm trying to follow the food guide, I'm trying these new cleaners, and am only buying organic fruits & veggies! look at me go! There's a lot more I could be doing, but I think this is good for now. I still got to get into a habit of regular exercise.. but we'll see how that works out. Hey! look at that, I've made a decent blog entry! Oh good.. now it's time to bed. nuh-nights! As Livi often says! But seriously.. Today I was at the baby thrift and bought Nixon some clothes.... I'm excited and proud to say that It's all downhill from here!


Mommy Mayhem

What on earth am I supposed to do?! Today I found myself terrified to be having a second child! I don't even know what to do with the first one! My 13 month old daughter is at an....interesting stage in her life. Temper tantrums are many and often, she can speak, yet decides to just whine and start crying for everything! What happened to my little angel!? I mean, she was always a very active and very dramatic little girl, but it's over the top now! I find myself becoming short tempered and easily irritable. I love my little girl and want to do what I can to keep her happy and help her to progress and become all she can be. (And with me using slogans like that she'll soon be in the army!) I don't know what she needs, or what I should be doing with her. Should I be playing with her more? Should I be exposing her to more kids? Should I put her in a zoo!? Lately I've been so exhausted with the pregnancy that I quickly run out of energy while she's like the energizer bunny! She is such a sweet girl, always giving me hugs and kisses, but then the next second she's rolling around on the floor throwing a temper tantrum without me even having to say "no" about anything! I've been putting her down for naps frequently because usually that's the only time she's this wild and uncontrollable, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong and exiling her to her room! I mean she's much happier when she wakes up, but not to long after, she's throwing tantrums again! I know that lately I've been so stuck on finishing my long overdue wedding scrapbook, but while I'm doing that if she needs me, I'm willing to stop what I'm doing and play. Do all moms feel this way or am I just "lucky"? I am hoping a trip to the park will help this afternoon, but I don't know what to do! I'm living in Mommy Mayhem, and there must be a way out!


Wide Open Spaces!!!

So it's funny how seperation and space from someone causes you to love them even more! I mean, I absolutely love my sister-in-law, she's my best friend, but lately I haven't been able to see her all that much, but when I do, all I want to do is do things for her! It's funny because I don't really think about it, it's like an impulse! I've really enjoyed our time together lately... I wonder if it's because before we were practically inseperable and like siblings.. it was a little much. Don't get me wrong, I love her and always have, but I think a little time apart is great for any and every relationship! I am truly grateful to have such wonderful people in my life, particularly Steph. I've never had a sister before, and always wanted one, and now I have 3, and a new best friend! I'm really grateful, especially after wide open spaces!


There's a leg... there's another leg... and there's...

IT'S A BOY! We had our ultrasound last week and found out that we are having a little boy! Very very exciting! You see, my older brother (father of 5 girls) thinks that he will be the first to have a boy.. and that there's no way that we will have a boy before he does because he "deserves" one.. well! He is wrong! And to make things even more ironic on his behalf I am due on his birthday! It's a good time. I don't think you really understand the magnitude of this news! It really is a BIG DEAL! We are having the first boy on my side of the family after 6 girls! Little Nixon will be soo spoiled! We are also very excited for Olivia as she loves babies and I think a baby brother would be good for her (I'm not sure if a sister would survive quite yet). Anywho, we are very much excited and I thought I'd just let ya know. It was a wonderful experience as well because Nick's sister Meg and our cousins who are Olivia's guardians were there and got to come in to see the baby and hear the news! It was very fun and a cool experience! Meg was nearly in tears because she'd never been to an ultrasound before and she was very moved by my little "Alien". Well, here's a pic of the little guy! It was fun 'cause you could tell the tech was excited that he could tell the gender so he started telling us about the baby from the head down and when he got to the bottom he said "there's a leg... there's the other leg... and in between..." and I cut him off and said "IS IT A BOY?!" and he said "and there's another... leg" It was funny! A good experience! And we are very excited to have Nixon Duke as our newest addition... even if he won't be here for 5 more months!


Eternity is forever

Our baby sister got married last weekend. Going to the temple and seeing all of Nick's family except one sister was such a wonderful experience. The spirit there was soo strong. Jill & Treavor were also soo cute! They are so in love and were just so happy.. it made me kind of wonder "what happened to us?" Somewhere along the line we became comfortable and set in a routine.. what happened to courtship and spontaneity? I think we all need to remember that marriage is not and should not be the end of dating. I mean, Nick and I are very much in love, but that excitement has somewhat dissipated. We have decided to start dating again (each-other of course!) I think the key to avoiding a rut is to set aside time each week and day to just be the two of you without TV, children or other worldly concerns. We've also planned a monthly trip to the temple. There's something about seeing your spouse in that spiritual position that just makes you fall in love with them all over again. I think it's important for our kids to see us make time for each other and to see their parents head over heals for each other! I have always felt that way about Nick & I know he's felt the same, but we just need to remember to show it more often. I mean we're together for Eternity and that's not just a long time... eternity is forever!


Lean on me...

So, I just got back from a long walk and talk with my sister-in-law, and it made me realize how grateful I am for good people in my life and for good conversations. I'm not much to confront problems unless they pose a big threat, usually I just brush it off or ignore it, not because I don't want to deal with it, but because I don't feel that the contention and negativity is worth it. Anywho, we talked about all sorts of problems plaguing our relationship, and things that we were struggling with personally, and it was really liberating. I know that I can talk to her about anything and everything, and I usually do... I mean, I've never had a sister before and as a child I used to beg my mom for an older sister and a younger one, and now I have one older and two younger, with the older of the younger being only a year younger than me! I am soo very grateful for those girls and the joy that they bring into my life. I can't believe what I was missing out on all, of these years! I mean, we do fight.. all of us, we have disagreements and falling outs, but that just draws you closer, and I am so grateful to have that opportunity in life, even if it is later on. I know I'm not perfect and that feelings have been hurt, and we all know tears have been shed (even "heartless" I have cried!), but I know that no matter what, our love for one another will never change and I am soo grateful for that reassurance. The talk that my sister-in-law and I had was wonderful, it all came out... which it usually does with us, but this time felt different, I felt more fulfilled and happier after. I know it may sound clichéd, but I am grateful to have somebody to lean on... because after all, isn't that something we all need?


Dang the Man!

"The Man" is out to get me! I hate TELUS!!!!!!! Stupid big corporate company trying to charge you for EVERY STUPID THING! Soo.... the other day, my cellphone breaks... or so I thought! It had this weird error message and was unusable, so I took it into a telus dealer who told me that it was unfixable and that I'd have to buy a new phone! So my options were, $80, $100 and up! REDICULOUS! I don't even like telus, and it would cost me over $200 to get out of my stupid contract! So I decided not to buy one that day, and discuss it with my husband whose thoughts were "what else can you do?" so... last night we went and spent like $200 on a stupid phone because after taxes and a service pan (THAT THE SALES ASSOCIATE SLIPPED IN AND I REALLY DIDN'T WANT) it came out to a ton of money... oh yeah, did I mention all of their stupid fees? Their dumb phone broke, but I had to pay for them to transfer my cell phone # and it would cost even more to transfer my phone book (which since my phone was unusable, wasn't possible! I lost all those numbers!) I was sooo mad! Fee this and Fee that! There needs to be a cell phone provider in Canada that doesn't suck your wallet dry like this! GEEZE! This would NEVER fly in the U.S! So why do us Canadaians get taken advantage of and just put up with it?! GRRR!!!! And then the clencher! I get home, plug in my old cell phone (just for kicks) AND IT WORKS! The associate was an IDIOT! It wasn't unfixable! THEY JUST WANTED MY MONEY! Telus is a scam and as soon as I'm out of my contract I'm giving them the BOOT! PIECE OF JUNK!
Well, there's my rant, but other than that, we had a lovely evening! Nick & I went to a movie which was good, not great, but good, but it was nice to spend some time just the 2 (I guess and 1/3) of us! I love having at least some family nearby to help take Livi when we need a break! I am very grateful for all the wonderful blessings we have! (despite Telus)


Domesticated? Pffft! OK well....

Alright! I admit it... call me what you will! Domesticated, Molly, Betty Crocker, Martha... the list goes on. I will no longer pretend, I AM DOMESTICATED! If you would have told me 5 years ago, that this would happen, I'd laugh in your face! I vowed never to touch a scrapbook in my life! Sure, I love to cook and bake, but that was the extent! I like kids and always wanted some, but I never would have imagined my life would turn out like this! I was the tough girl who played Rugby and did everything possible, and tried everything possible (all good though ;))! I played and managed basketball, I played all sorts of sports, I was going to go skydiving and do all sorts of crazy things... do you want to know what I did today?
I woke up, got myself, Olivia & Nick ready and fed, got Nick out the door to work after having a little scripture study. Then I cleaned the top floor of our house, baked brownies, put my almost 1 year old to sleep, changed an ultrasound date for my baby on the way, did some online banking, and paid some bills, scrapbooked a little (all while watching Regis & Kelly and The View). Then I got Olivia up, moved the sprinkler a few times, fed her, made myself lunch, visited with some friends from out of town, signed up to be a tupperware consultant, made dinner then went couch shopping with the husband.
Sounds like a blast! But ya know what? I wouldn't trade it for all the skydiving adventures in the world! Being a mom is wonderful, and I love that I can make delicious healthy meals and snacks for my family. (Although, I made brownies today that were 60% sugar). My kids will love that I used my talents to preserve my memories and their pictures, and will love the memory of having homemade good food to eat.


"I'm pregnant" ... "I KNOW!"

Ok... so did I mention that I'm expecting another baby? Well, we are, sometime in January I think. Well, let me tell you, pregnancy does some pretty crazy things to a girl! I'm am usually a very rational and understanding woman... except when I'm pregnant, then I'm anything but! I find myself crying over stupid things, often things that don't deserve ANYONE'S tears! And I quickly lose patience and am easily annoyed! So.. if I recognize all of this, I should be able to fix it right? WRONG! It's like you do all this and while you're saying stupid things you're thinking "Why am I being so dumb? I don't know.. and I don't care.. I'M RIGHT!" It's really hard to control, and I always thought it was dumb when people use the excuse "I'm pregnant" (said in a whiny tone) But often it's the only thing you can say... and when I do, my sweet loving husband simply replies "I know". Sometimes this response is in an empathetic tone, and sometimes it's in a "you don't have to tell me" tone. So... yes, I'm pregnant and I do apologize to all those around me whom I snap at, but seriously.. this many hormones raging around your body is not a fun thing, especially when you add extreme fatigue and occasional frustration from chasing around a very energetic toddler all day! Poor poor baby, let's hope he/she's very very patient!


Fly fly fly away!

So, a little while ago, my sister introduced me to "Fly Lady". Fly lady is a program that helps you to organize your life so that you have more time to "fly" (finally love yourself). Now, it's a really easy program to follow and is free of charge, and comes complete with reminder e-mails if you choose to use them. BUT like anything else that's so easy to do, it's impossible! lol no, you just need dedication, which I have none of, however this morning I wokeup wanting to re-create a schedule to ensure that I have time to myself each day, and not 5 minutes of time, but a fairly good chunk. Of course I never got around to it, but I will tomorrow! It is something that is VERY important to me! I'm feeling a lot better lately... still trying to "find myself'" and figure out just what I'd like to do with that time I'm allotting for myself... I think I'm doing pretty good though. Yesterday I took a looong bath and even exfoliated and used a face mask! And the day before I scrapbooked 2 pages. This helps, but I need something during the day... and socialization! We only have one vehicle, so I am stranded during the day and don't know anyone in our neighbourhood yet,so I'm kinda lonely too. So I manage to fill my days with housework and organization... also, chasiing Olivia. I'm glad I have a little friend, because otherwise I don't know what I'd do! Well, I'm going to bed, but tomorrow, mark my word, I will fly!


Do you remember when...

Lately I've been reminiscing about what it was like pre-baby... don't get me wrong, I adore my little angel, but I feel that somewhere along the way I lost my identity and became this clean freak called mom. I mean I do a lot... I wake up, feed the baby, get the husband off for work, clean the house, bake yummy food, cook (my attempt at) somewhat gourmet meals, scrapbook, take walks and occasionally fit a shower into there. No, I'm not complaining I love my life and feel ever so blessed! My husband is wonderful and adores me, my baby is precious and wild (which I keep telling myself is a good thing ;) ) and I live in a beautiful home in a wonderful neighbourhood. I think the problem is I need ME time... I feel that EVERYTHING I do is for someone else... even scrapbooking... especially scrapbooking! I remember when I used to dance, or play sports or write poetry, or just veg... Maybe most moms put themselves on the back burner and maybe that's the conventional way to do it... but I am not conventional, I am going to make ME happy, because if mom's not happy, then everyone's miserable! I set the tone for my family, and I need to start making me happy! It may sound selfish to you, but to me it makes perfect sense! Now... where to start? What to do? Maybe I feel this way because we just moved and I have no friends or any kind of social outlet... even at church I usually sit alone... or am chasing after Olivia... well, whatever I choose to do, I need to remember that I am more than just a mom, I am a woman and a wife first!
I am the woman behind the baby... time to let her through!