My Happy Song haha!

So whenever I'm frustrated or stressed out (which is a lot lately) I watch this video. I have it bookmarked and everything! If any of you watch "How I Met Your Mother" You'll know all about Robin Sparkles! It totally makes me laugh and cheers me up! It's my happy song! And yes... it is LEGEN.... wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant 'cause this next part... is DAIRY!


Breakfast Talk

Oh man..... she's at it again lol this was this morning over breakfast!:

Mommy: "I love you, and I love Nixon, I love both my babies!" (to Liv) "Did you know that you were my very first baby?"
Liv: "Uh-huh"
Mommy: "And you used to be in my tummy!"
Liv: "Yes! When I was a baby I was in your tummy!"
Mommy: "And Nixon was in my tummy when he was a baby and you used to kiss him and rub my belly!"
Liv: "Yes! and Heavenly Father put you" (points to Nixon) "and me in your" (points to me) "tummy!"
Mommy: "Wow! You're smart!"
Olivia: "Uh-huh"
Mommy: (just to clarify & make sure I heard correctly) "how did you get in my tummy?"
Liv: "Heavenly Father put me in there alllll by hisself!"
Mommy: "Wow! You are really smart!"
Liv: "Thanks!"


Pure Naughtiness!

Look at that face! Who would think someone looking so sweet and so innocent could be otherwise? Well... about a month ago, Nick went away for work.... I really hate being away from him.. but I was doing just fine until I realized it was quiet... a little too quiet! Where was Nixon? I went upstairs and this is what I found: (actually this is 2 separate occasions...)

Yeah... so the little man got into the toilet and was using it as his personal swimming pool! At least he didn't flush it right? Oh man! And then... I walked in and Nixon wasn't in the bathroom... but he definitely had been! All 3 spare rolls of toilet paper and the holder where taking a little dip! I really do wonder what was going through his head? "hmmm.... this looks about the right size..." Climbs in "yupp! Perfect... now to relax!" or "hmm.... there's a bowl of water... there's some tp... eeeeexcellent!" haha. My good friend and I are convinced our boys (Nixon and her twins) will get into trouble together throughout their lives and we will be answering many calls from the principle... Unfortunately those days don't seem too far off.... Nursery....Sunbeams? oh man!

OK.. so.. the same day... I go into the pantry to get something for dinner and find this:
(sans paper towel).

So my pantry floor (and anything touching it) was covered in OIL! I seriously just wanted to close the door and not deal with it. So Out came the paper towels! I"m still not sure if one of the kids did it or if it just fell off of a shelf. Either way... what a pain! Luckily though, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yes.. almost an entire jug o' oil was on my floor, but after I sopped up a bunch of it with the paper towels I made sure to use very soapy water to clean it. (who knows if my pantry floor would have ever gotten that good of a clean without it happening!) Anywho... all of this occured within the first 12 hours of Nick being gone! I was about ready to scream! or cry... or both! The rest of my time alone wasn't too bad though, but needless to say I was thrilled when he got home! And THAT my friends was my encounter with pure naughtiness!


Out of the mouths of babes!

Tonight at bedtime:

Mommy: "Say your prayers"
Olivia: "Heabenly Fader... thank you for this day..." loooooooong pause
Mommy: "keep going"
Olivia: "What did you say?"
Mommy: "I said keep going"
Olivia: "why did you say that to me?"
Mommy: "because you need to keep going"
Olivia: "hehe your silly!"
Mommy: "Ok.. it's time to say your prayers"
Olivia: "Heabenly Fader... thank you for this day.... please keep mommy and daddy safe from the monsters" (then she opens her eyes and looks up at me) "that was my idea!"

And this one I was meaning to post a while ago:
Mommy: "Liv, get down from there... it's not safe, the bookshelf could fall on you!"
Liv: "Oh I'll just catch it!"

sooo funny the things that come out of her mouth! I really need to start keeping a journal just of the things she says... it would be absolutely hilarious! Oh that little girl! You never know what will come out next!


For Real This Time!

I don't know how many of you saw my last post before I quickly deleted it, {BREE} But this time I'm for real! My website is up and it is running. I'm still having issues with embedding fonts and I'm gonna change some other minor things, but it's up and fully functioning. So take a look:



Just adding a signature and making sure it works! This blog design stuff is fun! Website ETA TODAY! (hopefully) I have to add a few things to my portfolio first... stupid perfectionism taking over...


Decisons, Decisions, Decisions...

So.. here's my new blog design! I have a recent obsession with zebra & tiger print... so I've unleashed the wild onto my blog! I also decided to take more than 5 seconds and pretty up my blog as I've decided to add blog design to my services at Keshia Larsen Designs! (Website is still coming.. I know, I know.. If I had myself as a client I'd strangle me! I change my mind 50 times a day.. I am good at telling others what looks good, but it's so hard for me to pick especially because I feel it needs to look good, since web design is a service I offer...) Anywho.. here's my new blog design (and yes.. stop rubbing your eyes.. that is hot pink! I know... the not-so girly girl picked pink, but it looks so good with black and white and :P! I've also decided on Rugby... This was one TOUGH decision.. and that was part of the problem.. it was too hard of a decision.. if I really, and I mean REALLY want to play.. there should be no question. And I do want to play, but I think the time just isn't right. Also, when I really sat down to think about it, I realised that Saturday is the ONLY day I get with Nick because of work mon-fri and church taking up so much of Sunday. That pretty much made my decision... It would be awesome to play and have my kids see me, and Ingrid did promise lots of painted bellies... -hopefully some preggo ones lol (very hard to give up) but I think I want to just play with my family and have lots of fun adventures before the kids get too involved in friends and sports themselves... and then I'll coach Liv! ;) hehe. So that's it.. I've made my decision... not this year! I LOVE coaching and miss the bond I had with my girls when I coached, so I think that's what I'll do next year and then maybe play in years to come... and maybe not... I'm just thrilled I had the opportunity to be so actively involved in such a wonderful sport and culture! So.. that's it.. that's my decision... decision made!