A Flash From The Past... Deja view?!


So when I was in Winnipeg, I got to hang out with my friend, Aryn who was my best friend from kindergarten until sixth grade. It was awesome hanging out with her, but what was really neat and such a weird coincidence was that she has a daughter a month older than mine! So we had a little play date! Soooo cute! We had such a good time, we went to the park at the school that we went to together and it was so weird. I mean it was way fun, but the last time I was there with her, we were just kids, and now this time we have our own kids! Our little girls were just so much fun together! They were just like us, instant BFF! haha. It made me miss my friends from childhood and it even ALMOST made me want to move back to what I once called home. It was a great time and I'm excited for when we can do it again. It makes you reflect on life, and realize that the world keeps on going, time repeating itself over and over... just with different people and different hairstyles, but the gyst of it.... the expereinces had and the lessons learned are always the same. So do we really ever experience anything "new" or is it all just a blast from the past or someone else's Deja View?



It Only Took 23 Years & 2 Kids!

So last week, I went to Winnipeg with the kids and one of my best friends, Sarah. If any of you know me, I was really quite worried about the whole thing... being without Nick in a not very childproof house, and not to mention that my mom and I often butt heads when in close quarters for too long, but it was amazing! I can't believe how great the trip was, I actually found myself thinking "If I had to stay longer... that's be OK!" Now that's a HUGE deal! It's not that I don't like my mom or anything, it's just kinda weird, it's like when I'm back in that environment i get really defensive & regress back to childhood. It's like I know she's going to try to mother me, so I have to be obnoxious and a brat to let her know that "I'm a big girl now" and can do it myself! And of course when I do that, she sees the twelve year old snotty kid that used to say that and of course the mothering gets laid on even thicker! But this time... this time the heavens opened and my prayers were answered! It truly was an anomaly... Nothing short of an act of God! This time, my mom looked at me still as her little girl, but as a grown up version whom she finally realized was completely capable of raising her own family, making her own decisions and was a full fledged adult! It was an actual friendship! We went shopping together and asked each other's opinions on things and it was just soo refreshing! I am really looking forward to the next time I get to go to Winnipeg -with or without Nick! And you know what else? Since I've been home I've called my mom about a million times to tell her about my latest finds and bargains and just to chat. It's been absolutely awesome and it only took 23 years and 2 kids!

There's Pee on My Kitchen Table!

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to potty train Livi.. AGAIN! So, for the umpteenth time we set out! I decided to just stick her in panties and take that route... well, let me tell you, this kid could care less if she's drenched in her own urine! She would spread her legs, look down and watch herself pee on the ground! Now, I know that she knows the feeling when she has to go potty, because every time she asks to go, she does it immediately. She's just a little stinker! So anywho... we were eating dinner, Nick was away, and I went to the bathroom and when I came back, she was squatting on the kitchen table doing her business! Yes, yes, this sounds quite entertaining to you I bet... but that's not the full extent of where my little "angel" has marked her territory! We were in the basement and I was doing who knows what... probably on the computer and she started to go, so I told her to stop and we ran to the potty & she finished. Then about 40 minutes later, she was on the couch and decided that this time, she would put her feet on the coffee table, her hands on the couch and balance between the two and go on the ground in between them! So... once again, I yell stop, run her to the potty and she finishes. (Yes, I have been cleaning up the little puddles in between accidents and giving the "talk" about how we need to go on the potty each time.) Now.. let me tell you, I have been sooo good during all of this! I warned myself before we started this that it would take her a little while, and that she's not being bad, it's just a part of her learning and all that. SO I am being kind, compassionate and surprisingly patient. So then an hourish later, she goes on the ground again, and we go through the routine and then within an hour she'd repeated the squat and look 4 or 5 times, each time finishing on the potty and going quite a lot. So then I put two and two together and remember that she's been acting funny when she pees lately, like crossing her legs, and she's even said she has an owie, and that's just too often for her to go, so I take her in to the doctor to get checked for a UTI... it came back clear, but the doc gave me a small dose of antibiotics for her anyway because what I was describing sounded like a UTI. I'm still not sure if it was, but unfortunately, she's still not potty trained. Of course, we had to have a few more incidents before we gave up for the time... like when she peed in the little cup in Nixon's exersaucer!... Yes.. she took off her diaper, carefully positioned herself over the little cup and let er rip! And then shortly after that she made her way back to the kitchen.. and yes.. for the second time, There's Pee on My Kitchen Table!


Off to a fantastic start!

So I wrote that last entry and then "creeped" on fceb00k for an hour! Looking at wedding pics and baby pics and wholy... I swear EVERYONE is preggo! Crazy! So I won't be doing a ton ...or any updating tonight as everyone in my house is asleep and my eyes are starting to hurt, so goodnight, see you in the morning and it looks like we're off to a fantastic start!.... lol. i know... not one of my better posts, but my shoulder's gonna fall off 'cause I'm lying in bed with Nixon asleep on my arm, and I'm attempting to somewhat sit up and type... very uncomfortable, but what can I say... my public awaits and I'll painfully type for you guys!... That's how much I love you!

Let's Lock & Load!

Ok, so I know I've been pretty bad... OK absolutely horrible at keeping my blog updated, so for the next few hours and whenever I have spare time (with 2 kids under 2 that's all the time!.. .HA!) I WILL BE BLOGGING! That's right folks, you heard it here first; I, Keshia pledge to update my blog, including, but not limited to adding pictures of the kidlings (that one's for you Ashley!), witty entries (well.. I'll try) and well, pretty much whatever else pops into this complex and crazy mind of mine. So here we go... entries in absolutely no particular (or logical) order.... let's lock and load!