It's all downhill from here!

WOOHOO! We've passed the 1/2 way mark! We're on the home stretch now! This baby'll be outta here soon enough! No, I seriously LOVE being pregnant! So much fun! and Nixon's a fun little guy! I'm excited to see him again on Monday when I go for my next ultrasound. He's been moving a bunch lately, but more in the evening and middle of the night! (can anyone say Night Owl?!) Let's just hope he figures out day & night before he gets out! I can't handle a night owl and a hyper little monkey all at once! His sister will keep me so busy, how will I manage? Hmm.... not too sure what to write, I feel like if I stop now (even though I'm sleepy) that it won't be long enough or a very good read...but if I continue to blog will it be a waste of space because I'll be writing about nothing at all? Oh the dilemmas in life and the decisions that plague this oh so busy stay at home mommy! Let's see... I just got a package I ordered of organic and safe cleaners for the house so I'm pretty excited about that. I got them because the other day when I was cleaning with our run-of-the-mill cleaners, I started getting nauseated and dizzy and thought that the fumes were too much, and that that's no good... especially for a pregnant lady! So we'll see how I like them! They're mostly vinegar, so I can probably make them myself once I run out. Also, I'm on this healthy granola lifestyle kick! I now start off each and every morning with a homemade breakfast shake complete with tofu! I know what can i say! I'm a slave to fads! No, I've been wanting to be healthier and more environmentally friendly (GREEN). So now, most of the diapers we use are cloth, I hang-dry about 50-60% of our clothes, I'm trying to follow the food guide, I'm trying these new cleaners, and am only buying organic fruits & veggies! look at me go! There's a lot more I could be doing, but I think this is good for now. I still got to get into a habit of regular exercise.. but we'll see how that works out. Hey! look at that, I've made a decent blog entry! Oh good.. now it's time to bed. nuh-nights! As Livi often says! But seriously.. Today I was at the baby thrift and bought Nixon some clothes.... I'm excited and proud to say that It's all downhill from here!


Mommy Mayhem

What on earth am I supposed to do?! Today I found myself terrified to be having a second child! I don't even know what to do with the first one! My 13 month old daughter is at an....interesting stage in her life. Temper tantrums are many and often, she can speak, yet decides to just whine and start crying for everything! What happened to my little angel!? I mean, she was always a very active and very dramatic little girl, but it's over the top now! I find myself becoming short tempered and easily irritable. I love my little girl and want to do what I can to keep her happy and help her to progress and become all she can be. (And with me using slogans like that she'll soon be in the army!) I don't know what she needs, or what I should be doing with her. Should I be playing with her more? Should I be exposing her to more kids? Should I put her in a zoo!? Lately I've been so exhausted with the pregnancy that I quickly run out of energy while she's like the energizer bunny! She is such a sweet girl, always giving me hugs and kisses, but then the next second she's rolling around on the floor throwing a temper tantrum without me even having to say "no" about anything! I've been putting her down for naps frequently because usually that's the only time she's this wild and uncontrollable, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong and exiling her to her room! I mean she's much happier when she wakes up, but not to long after, she's throwing tantrums again! I know that lately I've been so stuck on finishing my long overdue wedding scrapbook, but while I'm doing that if she needs me, I'm willing to stop what I'm doing and play. Do all moms feel this way or am I just "lucky"? I am hoping a trip to the park will help this afternoon, but I don't know what to do! I'm living in Mommy Mayhem, and there must be a way out!