Adventures in Breesitting! (warning.. this is a loong one!)

Haha like that title? Clever huh? (in case you are too young to know... or too old to remember, it's a play on "adventures in babysitting" (late 80's film)) ANYWHO.. the tagline for the movie is:"She thought babysitting was easy money - until she started hanging out with the Andersons."
So.. my tagline for this post will be: "She thought being a stay at home mom was slightly boring - until she started hanging out with Bree Johnson."
hahaha ok so I haven't posted in a while, but I wanted to recap some of my eventful adventures with the Bestest friend ever!

-Adventure # 1 (not our 1st.. but 1st I'll blog about) -The Settee!
Oh man, so this beauty was at the dump in Okotoks (Actually Salvage Yard but Dump sounds funnier). So we were at the dump (where the salvage yard is located) and Bree stopped dead in her tracks! She had found a Settee! Actually, I think she fell in love with the chair first, but whatever. After humming and haaing over it for quite some time she figgured she probably wouldn't have enough cash to buy both (sometimes they suggest the size of your "donation") but she was set on the chair. After tracking down a worker, she asked "how much" and to her amazement, the worker said... $15 for the set. "SOLD!" haha so that was the easy part! We couldn't fit both in either of our vehicles, so we had to put the couch aside until we could come back the next day with my truck. They had us haul it accross the salvage yard and into a room... it was funny, but awesome! So we paid and all was well. The next day, we went back and this awesom rugby player from Wales helped us carry and tie down the settee to my truck.. .it was quite the event!

-Adventure #2 -Saskatoon Berry Farm
This actually should be like adventure 1.5 'cause it occurred in between trips to the Salvage Yard, but meh. So... Bree and her Succulents!!! haha. We went to the SBF 'cause Bree was wanting succulents and I wanted to show her how awesome it is with the beautiful plants and just diviineness! So, since I was driving the truck (to pick up the Settee, Bree had my van... with ALL 4 KIDS! haha it was hilarious! She said it was fun singing ABC's with Liv and I wish we got a picture of all those car seats! It was LEGENDARY! The kids loves the SBF 'cause there are some sheep, pigs, chickens, dogs and lots of pretty things to look at! There was an old mechanical horse that was only a quarter a ride! It was soo much fun!

-Adventure #3 -Vintage Shopping!
Well.. more like adventures 3-25 lol we go vintage hunting a fair bit! But Bree has this draw to hats! She LOVES old hats and I swear everytime we go out she finds another one to try on! She hasn't bought any yet.. but she has had her eye on many a vintage hats! Oh man though.. vintage shopping with us is a complete gongshow! Our kids leave trails of food, nearly brake things, scream, cry... but we LOVE it! The vendors never seem to mind when we come in either! It's just soo much fun seeing all of the old treasures and wondering who owned them and what their stories are! We have been vintage shopping this year more than we probably would because we're both doing Antiqued Kids' rooms. Lotsa fun! Next time we go.. why don't you come along? The more chaos the better haha!

-Adventure #4 Spa & Okotoks Day!
So for Mother's Day Nick (with some encouragement) got me a spa day! Well it wasn't like a full day although it took up most of the afternoon! Anywho, I went to the spa and Bree came along! We got pedicures which were delightful.. mainly because they had awesome massage chairs and put us close to each other so we could talk and laugh the whole time. After the pedicures, I got a massage and my eyebrows done while Bree just relaxed and enjoyed some alone time! It was Heavenly! We had such a good time together there and then we went to some of the Boutiques which was extra funny 'cause it was raining so we were running through the rain from store to store jumping over puddles and laughing our heads off! One of the best days ever! At one of the stores they had the CUTEST hats so we both bought one and I'm sure you've seen us wearing them 'cause we both do all the time haha.

(sad, can't find my other pictures from this) -Adventure #5 (really occurred well before "Adventure #1" but meh! -Bree's surprise Birthday Party!
So I facebooked Brandon and told him I wanted to throw Bree a surprise party.. he had no problem letting me do that and it was awesome! haha I had so much fun.. it had a james bond theme because we were all sneaky and then we went Laser tagging but I gave the address of one place and the directions to another and everyone else surprised Bree while Nick & I sat waiting at the place we usually go to and then we all met up and it was hilarious! Oh man! Then we went back to my place where we drank fancy drinks and laughed all night! Such a good time!

-Adventure # 6 -MY surprise Birthday Party!
haha so this is a good one lol! Apparently Bree & Steph (my sis-in-law and dear friend) were planning this for some time and Steph was awesome at not letting me know anything! Bree on the other hand lol... No.. Bree was great! I knew something was up.. but I didn't know what. I knew she wanted to take me out for my bday so I thought we were gonna get food and then come back to someone's house and ppl would be there... UNTIL she made a phone call! She said she had to call Brandon and tell him to close the garage except Stephanie who was really on the other line was loud and very high-pitched! SO I knew it wasn't Brandon, but I didn't know who it was. We got to the restaurant and a bunch of my favourite people ever were there! IT was awesome! I loved it! Best birthday ever!

Oh how I love my little Doe! And that concludes the adventures... for now haha!


Things that make me Happy!

So I'm still not done all the updates and pictures I have to post... so these are some things that make me happy!

Tulips! Well... any flowers in general! I do especially love tulips because they mean springtime and easter! They just seem like such cheerful flowers! So happy and promising... they're like a promise to the world that winter is over for now... and springtime is here! I had to buy these tulips and brighten up my kitchen!

My new Zebra Purse! We went shopping to Deerfoot Outlet mall and I found this beautiful purse! It's no secret that I have this weird infatuation (now more like an obsession) with Zebras... I don't know what it is.. they are just so beautiful (not their sound though... that's fairly annoying). Well you've probably seen me sporting this purse around proudly! (which is funny because I really am not much of a purse person...)


Yeah, I know Easter was like a month ago... but here are some pictures anyway! Liv had so much fun painting eggs with us.. she asks to paint them all the time!

Here are some pics from their Easter Egg Hunt... The Easter Bunny left a tu-tu basket for Liv and a Zebra backpack for Nixon on the front doorstep and little bunny footprints to all of the treats! The kids loved it! Well.. Liv did.. Nixon was more excited for the first thing he grabbed lol.

The Bunny got them a big present as well, Liv got a book, a kite (she's been wanting one) and a bubble gun.. Nixon got a book, and some balls, Nick got a Lindt bunny and his fave candy I think. It was a fun Easter! We also gave the kids a book on the Easter Story... it was....legendary!