Enchanted with Entitlement

So the kids and I just finished watching the movie "Enchanted" and it got me thinking....
At the beginning, it starts out with the princess or I guess maiden... all happy and waiting for her prince to come and for them to share in "Love's true kiss". And of course, he comes, sweeps her off her feet (literally) and then says "We shall be married in the morning". So naturally, I scoffed at this and was like "oh right, we meet and are married in the morning and will live happily ever after". And then the movie goes on and the queen casts her to NYC and there she meets Robert who teaches her about the reality of life and she teaches him of course of happily ever afters and they end up in love and together and then Robert's girlfriend ends up with Prince Edward. So what had me thinking was the ending, when it showed Robert's girlfriend and the Prince getting married. This led me to thinking of a simpler time when roles were clearly defined and people knew what they had to do to make life work.

Now just so we are ALL CLEAR... I am a working mom who LOVES her work, and I totally understand the necessities of working and the importance of being with your family and that we live in the 21st century... this is just a train of thought that I am sharing with you!

Now... when the movie ended, I thought now they'll get married and have kids and live happily ever after. And we all know that "Happily Ever After" is relative... that one person's H.E.A might not be yours and there are different ways to define it. But I started to think... they'll have kids, she'll be the nurturer, he'll be the provider and they'll live that life. But wait a minute... why are there so many issues with THAT life? I am striving to live THAT life but still find myself longing for more.... why is that?

I mean, THAT life has worked for years and years and years... and then all of a sudden we decided it didn't and all hell broke loose! What I am referring to (in case you haven't realized) is the Women's Movement. Now HOLD ON! And stop badmouthing me under your breath! I'm not saying the Women's movement was bad.. lotsa good came out of it... changes of laws on reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, voting rights, sexual harassment etc. etc. What I'm referring to is the change in attitude that came from this.

All of a sudden, being a mom and caring for your kids and being the person to kiss all their boo-boos and teach them right from wrong, and taking care of your family and their health and their needs failed to be enough. Women wanted MORE... they wanted to be seen as the men (and I believe we are equal in every way), they wanted to be out there proving their worth instead of caged up in a house with their offspring all day. (I Am Woman Hear Me ROAR!) Now, this is what I see as a negative. Yes we are equal, I believe that! But that doesn't mean we have to pull the "anything you can do I can do better" thing. There is something special and quite noble about a woman who can truly find joy in loving, caring for and raising her family. (Now I am one of those who strives for MORE... I wish I didn't and am working towards finding true happiness and contentment in my primary role as a mother).

So my thoughts had led me to thinking of the past... thinking of that simpler time, when men worked hard to provide for and take care of their family, and when women where nurturing and loving and happy. (Not JUST happy to stay at home... but just overall... HAPPY!)

Ok, so like I mentioned before, I work and LOVE what I do. I am also a stay at home mom and am proud of it! I love my kids and I LOVE being the one who is there for them and who gets to see every side of them and watch them grow on a daily.. hourly.. second-by second basis!

Back to that simpler time... Roles were clearly defined, everyone knew what they did to make life work and it worked. Where they happy? Honestly? I think they were!

I picture a family where the husband gets up to go to work and the wife is there by his side, helping to make his morning easier. I picture that wife ironing his shirt (I HATE IRONING.... just a side-note) and I picture the husband giving her an appreciative kiss as he takes his shirt and buttons up his boots and gets ready for the morning. I picture the wife lovingly making him a hearty homemade breakfast that will help him to have the energy to go about his daily labours. I see their children waking up and doing some chores and having breakfast and I see them getting ready for school or other chores. I see them as a family seeing their father off and telling them they love him as he heads off to work. I see the Mother then helping the children finish getting ready for school and what not and singing a happy little tune as she tidies the kitchen and gets on with her day. I picture the mother cleaning and cooking and tending to their home which is her sanctuary and because of all of her diligence and hard work in making it beautiful and a haven, I see her enjoying it. I see the mother after a busy morning and some chores, reading a book in the afternoon or taking a nap. I see her getting dinner started and her husband coming home from a very busy day and helping set the table. I see the father playing with the kids and asking them about their days. I see the family sitting down for dinner and enjoying each others' company. I see the family kneeling in prayer at the end of the day to offer gratitude to their Father in Heaven for all that they have been blessed with... and aren't they blessed?

OK... now I know some if not MANY of you will tell me that I'm delusional and that's not how life is... that the kids will fight, the parents will fight, the house will be a mess and they'll all be miserable! (ok maybe that's a bit much). I wonder though... how that wife felt. If she felt like she was missing out on a stressful busy day at the office, or if she enjoyed being at home in HER home with her family. I wonder if that husband felt that he was doing all the work and his wife should step up to the plate and do more. If they are truly happy (and I suspect they are). I don't think so.

I think the wife understands her worth and her value in the home. I think she understands the potential she has to influence her children and her family in ways that no secondary caregiver ever could. I think the husband respects and appreciates his wife. I think he knows how much she works to tend to their family and is truly grateful for her as his equal partner.

I think the children see their parents' love for one another and it makes them feel happy and secure. I think they see that their parents don't love every thing they are doing, but they do it happily because they absolutely love whom they are doing it for.

I don't believe every day is a day full of bliss and cheer. I believe many hardships will come to this family, but because they are so happy to be working together and for one another that these hardships will come and go and that this family will remain in tact... completely unshaken.

This family in my mind, was living in a sweet cottage in the prairies sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s... not unlike Anne of Green Gables. But that doesn't mean that we can't have this family in our homes today.

I am well aware of the drastic changes in time since the picture I had in my head would have been a reality... but that doesn't mean that we can't still have the same spirit that this family had.

I understand that we have sports and school and dance and work and a million things to complicate such a simple life... but still, I wonder... why are we so unhappy? Depression rates are increasing and we seem to be less happy and less content. Why is this? (Just an interesting side-note... that study said that generations have been increasingly more depressed since those born in 1915... since the women's movement started in the 50s... those women born in 1915 would have been 35 at the time of the movement... I'm just saying is all). But why are we getting increasingly more depressed? Didn't women like the one in my little picture get sad or depressed? Didn't they have extremely difficult lives and hormonal imbalances?

My sister-in-law and I were talking about a similar subject not too long ago, she had read a book in which they talked about this. They talked about how women now a days are over thinking, that we are so educated (not a bad thing) that we over analyze. In the book, the author interviews some elderly women, and asked what they did when they got depressed... and the women replied "depressed? Oh honey, we had some hard times, but we just pulled up our socks and worked through it". (Now those may not be the exact words... but something quite similar.) The book went on to say how now a days, we basically diagnose ourselves with all sorts of problems (and I'm not saying chemical depression is just a myth or anything.. trust me I know it isn't) when they just didn't have time or maybe even the knowledge of/for such things.

Now I really hope I didn't totally butcher that book but it made me think, why isn't it enough? Why do we always long for more? Why can't we be happy with what we have? Weren't they happy back then? Part of me wonders if it's that we now feel entitled to soo much. We should work too!(as if being a stay at home mom isn't loads and loads of work and I understand needing to work), We should have a bigger house, We should have a nicer car, We should etc. etc. But is that it? Do we feel entitled to so much that we lose sight of what we do have... and what is so quickly slipping away from us?

And to tell you the truth... this is where my thought process ends... I have no idea why we're so much unhappier as a society... more crime? more murder? would happier homes and families change that? Would a simpler life change that? I don't know... do you?


Nixon- Calgary's Cutest Kid!

So our local radio station has a concert for Calgary's Cutest Kid! And I've entered Nixon in to win! We entered last year I think (maybe the year before) and didn't win, but I had entered both kids and may have split the vote that way lol. Anywho, Here's the link to vote for him... and you can vote once a day per browser (I voted for him today on firefox and safari).. I'm just sayin' is all ;)


If you are planning to support Nixon and vote for him, why not win a prize for doing so?! Check out the Urban Design Studio 1 Blog for more deets!


Busy Busy Busy! (Re-Post from UDS1 Blog)

So I haven't been able to post for a while because I've been sooo busy doing exactly what I love! I have been spending time with family and doing a ton of work! Yes it's had it's stressful times, but overall I'm doing what I love and am completely enjoying it! I have been doing blog designs, finishing up some websites, working on logos and business cards and all sorts of graphicy goodness! My favourite project I've been working on has been a website for a charity called Child Rescue of North America. I really enjoyed working with Lindsay and donating some of my time and talents to help with their wonderful cause. I decided to do an interview with Lindsay to help promote their cause and spread the word about their charity so here's the interview:

  1. What exactly does Child Rescue of North America do?
    Child Rescue is a non-profit organization that exists to fight the horrors of child trafficking.

  2. Isn't child trafficking mainly happening overseas?
    It is true that the numbers are incredibly high in developing countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, and India but child trafficking happens in every region of the world including The US and Canada. This is one of the most important things for us to understand- that this is happening in our own back yard. There are an estimated 1,200 child trafficked into Canada each year and somewhere around 18,000 in the United States. These statistics are shocking to say the least, but when you see and hear the actual stories of young people exploited into sexual slaver you will connect in your mind and your heart that there are thousands upon thousands of these nightmare stories that are being realized right now as we speak.

  3. Aren't local police taking care of this problem?
    They do try but the funding and resources are just no where near where they need to be in order for them to have a chance. Training, equipment, constant incoming tips from the general public need to be provided in order for them to save more kids. They need simple things like servers to hold all of the information on these criminals so that when they are prosecuted they can have more evidence against them. This costs money, so we need to be apart of the solution.

  4. Are there many other efforts being made to solve these problems?
    Unfortunately not enough, human trafficking is the second largest criminal activity on the planet today. Sexual slavery is a nearly 30 billion dollar industry and is growing rapidly. These are huge numbers to combat so we need all the help we can get, but there are amazing government and law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and other groups doing there best to stop this unthinkable problem.

  5. What is your main goal?
    Our mission is to reduce child trafficking in the US and Canada by 90%before the end of 2019.

  6. How do you plan to accomplish this goal?
    We have intended to accomplish this by two main efforts intervention and education. Education will be a comprehensive approach, we are engaging in aggressive public awareness campaigns to generate enough disgust in the community to influence political will. We need to create the demand to end this! We also focus on supporting the actual Task forces that rescue kids from trafficking and we want to help finance education for law enforcement or other agencies so they can be more effective in their efforts. Education also includes teaching indivduals at risk how to avoid becoming trafficking vicitims. Intervention goes hand in hand with these educational models and includes strategies of financing equipment to law enforcement, providing services to victims, creating a tip hot line, and funding rehabilitation facilities.

  7. How did you first hear about child trafficking?
    I believe I first heard about it on the news years and years ago but it wasn't until I recently began to work for Child Rescue that I really understood the scoope of the problem and the startling numbers world wide let alone in the United States and or my home state of Utah.

  8. Why did you decide to help head up this charity?
    I have known the founders for years and they are some of the kindest most selfless people I have ever known but aside from the fantastic team I work with at Child Rescue I am a mother of two small children and I cannot think of a more worthy cause for my time and energy. All children deserve to be safe and to have their childhood preserved. All humanity is worthy of more. I just can't stand by any more.

  9. Where can I learn more about this issue and how to help?
    The most comprehensive report done to date was done by the US State Department Tip Report on Human trafficking 2009. You can find it on their website, also just google human trafficking and you can read and or see any number or articles or new reports on the issue. The information is everywhere, you just need to open your eyes.

  10. How can I as a regular person help out?
    There are many ways in which you can get involved both specifically in Child Rescue as well as in the anti-human trafficking movement. You can contribute your time by volunteering. We have an every increasing need for help in any capacity and Child Rescue staff are willing to figure out with you where and how you can best be involved. Some examples are promoting our benefit concert coming up this fall, working on branding and messaging, fundraising, helping to get the public aware of this issue, and or even just licking envelopes. If you yourself are not in a position to volunteer then you can help connect us to those who can. Your friends, family, or associates maybe willing and able and if you can send them our way we would appreciate it. Also, if you know business owners or influential celebrity type figures that could help our voice be heard you can be that link. You can also always give your money. Donate by visiting our website. You can pledge as little as 3 dollars a week or even contribute a one time $5 donation. Every penny counts. You truly are the difference in this fight!
Being a mother myself, I can't believe that this is happening seriously right in our own backyards! After researching more into the subject, I learned that my very own city is a part of 2 major child trafficking routes in Canada. It was such an eye opener that many of us really do live in a bit of a bubble and I have decided to help out with Child Rescue where I can. If you'd like to help out as well or donate, feel free to email Lindsay at