Mommy's Angel

That's what I call her, "Mommy's Angel"; and now, when I ask her if she's my angel she says, "Yes, I mommy's agel!" it's cute. She really is.. and I feel so bad 'cause I get soo frustrated with her all the time. It seems like all I do is yell at her and she's really sooo sweet. I mean, don't get me wrong, she does break things and blatantly disobeys, she hits, or steps on her brother, she hits, on the rare occasion she bites, (yes, I am aware that I put she hits twice), she hits, she throws stuff.. yup... it's all there, all the qualities of an angel -each & every one! (did I mention she hits?) But all in all she really truly is my little angel.... even if she prefers everyone in the house over me! (She really does!) Lol... so now, when I go to get her from her room, whether it be from a nap or in the morning, the first thing she says without a second glance at me is "where's daddy?" and as I answer every time "he's at work" she just as bluntly asks "where's Nixon"! Yes, to be the novelty.. how nice! Daddy's not around as much as mommy, so naturally, he's the favourite... but I'm the one cooking and cleaning and playing ALLLLL DAY LONG! Oh well, just call me the invisible mom! (you like that play on words? yeah... I'm clever!) I know, I know.. every little girl just adores her father. but now it's not just where's daddy & Nixon... she goes through the family.... "where's stephnee, where's bridgey, where's snow white, kyanne's snow white, wheres.. " and the list goes on. Yesterday, I threatened to send her to her room (which works marvelously might I add) and she started crying and said "I want Bailey-Lincoln" (who are 2 of her friends) an then today she told me "I need Kelly-Weston" (who are 2 of my friends). (oh, and I hyphenate the 2 names because that's the way she says it, so fast that it almost sounds like one name). So it's true, she wants anyone.... ANY-ONE but mom! Oh well.. at least she SAYS she's mommy's angel... and I do have my little man who loves me MORE than his daddy and that's a real confidence booster.... maybe he'll be next in line for the title of "mommy's angel".


Mommy Wow!... I'm a big kid now!

So Livi is almost potty trained! As of this week it's like a switch turned on in her head and she recognizes more when she needs to go and stops and tells me and we go to the potty! We've been very casually potty training for a few months... it was more like getting her comfortable with the potty and knowing that that's what we're supposed to use. I've been too lazy to actually full on potty train, although I've made many commitments to start (it just never actually happens! lol.)
Sad though, this means that my baby girl is no longer a baby, she's growing up... and fast too! Just like she told me yesterday..."Mommy, I a big gurl!" *sigh... well at least I still have one little mess maker that needs me to change his cute lil' bottom! -Not that I love changing poopy butts, I mean, I don't really mind all that much, but Liv's becoming so independent! Lately, I've been hearing a lot of "mommy, I did iiiit!" (referring to puzzles, getting up somewhere, the potty... everything!) It's nice to know that I'm needed...I know, I know.. .she's not even 2 yet but still...my lil' baby's a "Big Gurl"now... Wow!