"The Prodigy"

So My sister-in law continues to call my daughter a child prodigy! I just laugh, but I figgured her many wonderful accomplishments should be acknowledged! So... here it is, the mommy brag blog entry! If you look at Olivia you think she's the tiniest gentlest thing.... HA! She may be petite but that girl is strong and smart! She started to scoot at 6ish weeks, started crawling at 5 months, learned to walk at just under 10 months and hasn't been able to slow down since! She's always been an extremely attentive baby too! We participated in a program called "Roots of Empathy" and at only a few months old, she was amazing the teacher and the program instructor with her attention and knowledge! (they swear she was reading! lol). Well.. what I am most proud of is her extensive vocabulary and how much she talks! (absolutely NOTHING like her mommy haha!) When we moved to Calgary I met up with an old friend and told her that my daughter is talking (at 11 months) and she laughed at me and said "she talks!" but let me tell you, you have to hear it to believe it. She was born babbling so that's nothing new, but her use and pronunciation of words is amazing! At 11 months she had over 20 words and now at 15 1/2 months she has over 60! And those are words she says on her own.. she's a little parrot and will repeat just about anything too! So.. there you go, that's the story of "the prodigy". Honestly, I am pretty amazed! She's a very intelligent girl, and really understands a lot! But unfortunately I am not the one to take credit! She did it all on her own! I've never sat down with her trying to turn her into a mini genius... but maybe all that Baby Einstein she watched as a baby helped? Who knows! But there you have it... "The Prodigy".


Inadequacy At It's Best

I think I'm a pretty good mom, I've only had a handful of "those" days -you know the ones! Where everything goes wrong your usual 'angel' child turns to the dark side and you wonder if you really signed up for this job or were somehow tricked into it, all while planning some kind of escape (mine was running away to a remote island sipping virgin PiƱa Coladas with a handsome tiki-boy. Well, yesterday was one of those days! I knew it was going to be bad when I didn't want to get out of bed and when I went in to give Livi her milk, she wanted up and I wasn't dressed. My usual routine is I wake up or hear Livi make a little bit of noise then I say my prayers, make the bed, take a shower and get dressed. Then I tidy up our room a little bit and get a load of laundry ready and by then Livi is ready to wake up so I go and get her. That is how I usually start my day, so when I tried to "lure" Livi back to sleep with her milk yesterday, she wouldn't have it.. she wanted up! So I tried to pick her up and bring her to bed with me. NO DICE! She cuddled for a minute but then started moving all over the place and was not going to sleep! So I got up and did somehow manage to get dressed. We then went to get Livi dressed (as I do every morning) and she wouldn't have it, she threw a fit and wouldn't get dressed! So after tears and kicking and screaming I got her dressed! (Oh, Livi was upset too!) So after all that we went down to get breakfast (leaving the laundry upstairs because I wasn't about to deal with that now!) and I made Livi a waffle. Then we made it downstairs to the basement where we spend most of our day. I put on one of Livi's favourite TV shows and tried to get her to eat her waffle, which of course she didn't want! However, after a little while I did manage to get her to eat most of it and drink her milk. All morning though, she was grumpy and throwing fits and biting! Yes.. biting! She started biting again last week when trying to attack her cousin for taking some of her Fruit Loops! So, she got mad at me 'cause I wouldn't let her do something or the other and bit me! So, I flicked her mouth and sternly said "NO BITE" and she through a fit, so I put her on the ground and walked away, after a while I picked her up and consoled her... and the little stinker BIT MY NECK! Let's just say I was less than impressed! So I promptly pulled her off of me and let her know that that was not OK! So this went on until nap time (at lunch she threw food all over the ground, but I did manage to get her to eat something). So, I put her down for her nap and of course she cries (which she never does anymore, she knows when it's time for bed). That's OK, I let my children cry, because mommy knows best! So I put her down and then grabbed the basket of laundry and bring it downstairs (I am still quite upset and frustrated with my day but I figgure Livi's sleeping so I can calm down!) Anywho, I bring the laundry downstairs and as I get to the bottom of the stairs, I step on someones shoe and almost snap my ankle! I heard a snap, but luckily no damage was done. So I finally get the laundry going and the house is a mess, but I refuse to tackle that until I'm calm, so I go to the basement to do a few things down there. Of courses, Livi falls asleep, but not too long after I hear her on the monitor waking up again, so I left her in her room because I know how badly she needs her sleep. Then, a few hours later after I've calmed down a bit, (but you all know it takes a whole new day to get back to normal) I have to get Livi ready because we're going trick-or-treating at the mall. That was a blast! (sarcasm!) Getting Livi ready was worse than the morning battle! So I finally get her dress and tutu on but can't find her fairy wings! Then she finds her aunt's toothbrush (my sister-in-law lives with us) and won't let me have it. So I finally pry it from her hands and....she throws another fit of course! So I pick her up and get her downstairs while I look for her wings and anythng she can think of to get mad for.. she does! So a few more fits later, we're out the door, and of course, my husband doesn't want to come with, so instead of taking out all this anger and frustration I have on him, I say OK. Then, we get to the mall with my other sister-in-law and her kids, and Livi doesn't want me to hold her! She would rather go to her aunt! fine! But her cousin won't let me hold him either, so Steph takes both babies, I take the 3yr old and the stroller and we head in. Steph had to give Livi back while tending to her own kids, so more anger from my little fairy. Then we start going to the stores and get some candy and she realises whhat's going on, and she is FINALLY OK! She was happy the rest of the day! It was amazing, or maybe she realised I'd go crazy after one more tantrum! Anywho, we had a good time, she ate a sucker, we went home and I was starving because pregnant Mommy has only had some toast and a bowl of cereal all day! Oh I think a little mac and cheese too. So I'm starving and of course won't cook because I'm still all jittery from being so frazzled all day and just want pizza! But we're on a budget and I'd have to give something up for my pizza, but I was almost in tears, so FINE! All I wanted was yummy Pizza with lots of sauce. And of course to top off my wonderful day, there was hardly any sauce on the pizza at all! So before I have a conniption I decide to go to bed at 8:30. So let's hope today is much, much better! So far it's been great! Let's keep it that way! Oh, and why do we beat ourselves up over being "inadequate"? We are not perfect! We are allowed to have inadequate or difficult days! It helps us to appreciate the good ones and teaches us patience! (P.S. Don't pray for patience or you get days like that!) So, even after yesterday, I still think I'm a pretty good mom! I love my daughter very much and am excited for my little guy to come! I am not perfect and that's OK! Perfection is a goal that I'm only going to attain through Christ and his gospel (and even then, not until I'm dead!) So I am proud to say that I am a living example of inadequacy at it's best!