Train Bday Party

These are some shots from Nixon's bday party... it was a train theme, lots of fun! We ate train shaped sandwiches, made celery trains (ants on a log) and had a yummy train cake ! After some games, we had popcorn and watched Thomas... fun party, and surprisingly easy to pull off... perfect for this pregnant momma!

The goodie bags were lined up like the cars of a train with little felt wheels attached to them... they included a bandana, a train whistle, and whatever candy the kids got from the Pinata.

A cookie cutter made awesome little sandwiches and my mini loaf pan made perfect train cars with Oreo wheels, candy cargo and licorice tracks! The kids had a lot of fun playing with the train table as well! One of my fave shots is Nixon with his "uncle" Brandon, they're so cute together! Nix was jumping off the back of the couch while Brandon caught him.


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Happy bday Nixon. Soooo sad we were unable to make it! Looks like fun.