You might be a redneck if...

You were at the Saddledome tonight! We went and saw Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. It was quite entertaining, we saw Jeff Foxworthy last summer.. or maybe it was 2 summers ago... anywho, he was good, but I really enjoyed all three of them, especially at the end when they all were on stage and feeding off of each other.

It was fun to be out on a date with Nick... we used to go on dates ALL THE TIME.. but since I got pregnant and have been super sick, that's kinda fizzled. We went out for a really rushed dinner before hand, and then after the show, we just talked on the way home, and it was nice... we talked about old relationships (random, I know) and about our datingness (like that word? I was gonna use "courtship" but is just sounds so formal..). It was fun to just sit and chat, I mean we talk all the time, but tonight, it was different, and I liked it. I really love him and am so grateful for him in my life.

Tonight was a good, fun night! =)


Kat at Modest is Hottest Calgary said...

I saw them on TV once, they are so funny:)

Kira said...

we REALLY need to talk more. We were at Jeff Foxworthy when he came to town AND were at the saddledome for the three of them too!!!! Seriously so funny!!