Updates to come... but in the meantime...

Yes, I know, I promised to update then I did really well, and then I dropped off the radar... Pregnancy will do that to you, especially when your sick the entire time. Anywho... that's not what my post is for today, it's for something vastly more important and dear to my heart.

Most of you know that Nick & I and My Brother & Sister in-law have started a charity to combat human trafficking, and more specifically, the sexual exploitation of children.

I will devote another post to that and explaining it in more detail, but in a nutshell... all over Canada & the US, children as young as 5 are being sold for sex... these kids are not just runaways or from "broken homes" some are kidnapped, and all are in danger.

June 1st we're holding a police training in Utah where officers will be better educated on this (we have our partners and good friends, Apogee Consulting from the LAPD running the training) as well as a survivor of trafficking who was kidnapped from a restaurant. The training will have police officers from all over the US and even from Canada in attendance.

The training costs money, and we have this thing called tipping bucket where we set a goal, and if we meet our goal, we get all the donations, and if we don't... no one's credit cards are charged and we get nothing. We now have less than 24 hours to reach our goal. Every dollar counts, every drop in the bucket counts...

Please help us to reach our goal, and more importantly to protect our children.

www.tippingbucket.org and for more info on the charity visit www.childrescue.org

Thanks so much in advance, we truly appreciate your help with this!

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